29. September 2017 - 21:15
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Guillermo del Toro: Influences | TIFF | Friday, 29. September 2017

Presented in conjunction with the AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario exhibition Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters, this programme spotlights some of the Mexican auteur's favourite films, ranging from atmospheric tales of terror to classic fantasies to contemporary crime thrillers.

September 29:
Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits:

September 30:
Terry Gilliam's Brazil:

October 7:
JEAN COCTEAU's La Belle et la Bête:

October 13:
Víctor Erice's The Spirit of the Beehive:

November 4:
Don Chaffey's Jason and the Argonauts:

November 18:
Kaneto Shindô's Onibaba:

November 22:
David Lean's Great Expectations:

December 1:
Michael Mann's Heat:
  • "Top three Mann. A film that is part of the lexicon of the medium. A stark western set in a hyperreal L.A." - Guillermo del Toro Tomorrow, we screen a 4K Digital Restoration of Michael Mann's magnum opus Heat: bit.ly/2AuTICI
  • "Charles Dickens has this sort of magical dark atmosphere in Great Expectations that David Lean captures perfectly... The visuals are close to a horror movie." — Guillermo del Toro See literary monsters in one of GDT's favourite films — David Lean's Great Expectations, playing tonight at TIFF — and in the AGO's exhibit dedicated to the director.
  • Konstantina Mantelos
  • "The Spirit of the Beehive is a seminal movie for me — I even modelled the girl in Cronos exactly on Ana Torrent. That movie, along with the films of Luis Buñuel and the films of Alfred Hitchcock, is almost a part of my genetic makeup, buried deep in my DNA." — Guillermo del Toro We screen Víctor Erice's poetic mood piece tonight on 35mm at 9:30PM.
  • "Well, I am first and foremost a film geek." Happy 53rd birthday to visionary Mexican auteur, adopted Torontonian and film geek Guillermo del Toro 🎈 Watch his favourite films (and visit his favourite monsters) this Fall 🎥 bit.ly/2xWQK8D Shot in our HuaweiixTIFF Portrait Studio at #TIFF17
  • Comparing one beastly romance with another: Where does Beauty and the Beast begin and Jane Eyre end? We screen Jean Cocteau's Beauty & the Beast ("the most perfect cinematic fable ever told," according Guillermo del Toro) tonight on 35mm.
  • According to Guillermo del Toro, JEAN COCTEAU's La Belle et la Bête is "one of the most magical films ever made." See it tomorrow on gorgeous 35mm. 🌹: bit.ly/2xnllYZ
  • Will Guillermo be there to present and discuss the films as he has done with his masterclass events?
  • "A Roald Dahlian landmark to all fantasy films, [Time Bandits is] perhaps one of the very best "children's story" films ever made. Dazzling imagination and poignant humanism." — Guillermo del Toro See one of GDT's favourite Terry Gilliam films tomorrow at 9:15PM: bit.ly/2wZVSo4