03. January 2018 - 21:00
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GoDanz Body Iso Drills January | GOdanz Kizomba | Wednesday, 03. January 2018

January 2018 Advanced Course: (5 wks)
Body Isolation Drills to music for men and women!

Class consists in:
Follow-the-leader to music
Breakdown/explanation/technique of how to move-finding which muscles to use and not use; visualization of your body in relation to a centre; measuring movement.
Follow with Music
Drill isolation while walking
Incorporate movement in specific core moves with styling

Isolation means to disassociate body parts while dancing.
Focus on how many ways the torso can move. Then the hips. Then crosspollinate them (haha), mix and match.

or add $5
and start at 7pm with workshop theme of the week for intermediate posts (7-10:45pm)