16. March 2018 - 9:00

Furnal Equinox 2018: Livin' Large! | Furnal Equinox | Friday, 16. March 2018

It's the most extravagant and flamboyant furry party of 2018! Dress in your best, your biggest, or whatever makes you stand-out and larger than life - it's Livin' Large, happening in Toronto from March 16-18th 2018!
  • $20 CAD YCH badge Can be any species. Finished product will be digital, fully shaded/highlites. Will be printed and laminated for FE. If more than one person wants it I can take multiple of the same pose. Feel free to look at my page for art examples
  • Anybody need a roommate for FE lemme know. Or if you just have space for me to crash and shower 😅
  • I’m taking commissions for *** pick-up! These are ID badges that can have either your Instagram or twitter tag on it. Request photographers to take a picture of this badge, and they will easily be able to tag you in photos after the ***! I will be at the *** on Saturday only. If you want your badge shipped to you before the ***, I can do this also. DM for pricing and info!
  • im probably gonna need someone to room with at FE— so if anyone is going and looking for a roommate lmk?? I would prefer a female 24 or under! I’m 17, I won’t really be in the room much @@ all and I’m very quiet and keep to myself. I’d help pay for the costs obviously.
  • Anybody interested in a 3/4 suit? Resin head with moveable jaw. Two sets of arm sleeves, one is well used and the other has never been worn. Outdoor feet, tail with double loops for belt. Digilegs that are held up with belt (only one belt needed for both tail and legs). Hand paws are five fingered. Taking offers, can deliver to FE, I’ll be there Friday-Sunday. Payment plans available, but must be paid in full before delivery.
  • So with convention season coming up I'm offering headshot badge commissions! $10 each +shipping. I can draw them digitally, with markers or watercolour! They will come laminated with clip! Roughly 4.5 inches! If you are going to Furnal Equinox you can pick it up at the convention since I'll have a table there! So no need to pay shipping! ART BY ME!
  • Hey guys, I am wondering can I get a ride to FE in March with one of you guys? I need a ride to get there for a day and a ride back home afters, If you can help this fox get a ride to FE in March, It would be greatly appreciated it!! I don't want to go by myself so I live in Niagara Falls Ontario
  • So excited!! <3
  • Tag Your Selves
  • Hi friends on March I will be seeing you there and hope to get some awsome 4K picks thanks and have sweet time to a happy 2018
  • Anyone got room for a lift from Montreal? I just got my dealers' table accepted, but everyone I know has already got their rides fully booked (splitting transport costs ofcourse)
  • Combien sa coûte ?
  • Couldn't get the room from Thursday night... oh well.
  • Why isn't it March yet? Hurry up other months...lol.
  • 344 days until We're All "Livin' Large" at Furnal Equinox!!