07. June 2018 - 8:00
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The Final Bachelor Parrrrrty - Ry guy **** extravaganza | Toronto, Ontario | Thursday, 07. June 2018

June 7th (Chicago)
June 8th and 9th (Toronto)

The dates for this wonderful event will be determined in the coming weeks.
Yes, the news is true. Ry guy **** has officially made Rosetta (Rebecca) the official lady of his life. This is a time of celebration and drinking like we are underage.
Here's the plan, dudes. The only rule is you have to attend, no matter what.
Thursday night: (Optional, but preferred). Flying into Chicago for one night
Friday: Fly to Toronto. It's called the city of Angels for a reason. It's a beautiful city with incredible people and tremendous scenery. Also, I've never been there and neither has anyone of us.
Saturday: Stay in Toronto and continue the party.
Sunday: Leave in pure regret back to our hometowns.