07. June 2018 - 8:00
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The Final Bachelor Parrrrrty - Ry guy **** extravaganza | Toronto, Ontario | Thursday, 07. June 2018

June 7th (Chicago)
June 8th and 9th (Toronto)

The dates for this wonderful event will be determined in the coming weeks.
Yes, the news is true. Ry guy **** has officially made Rosetta (Rebecca) the official lady of his life. This is a time of celebration and drinking like we are underage.
Here's the plan, dudes. The only rule is you have to attend, no matter what.
Thursday night: (Optional, but preferred). Flying into Chicago for one night
Friday: Fly to Toronto. It's called the city of Angels for a reason. It's a beautiful city with incredible people and tremendous scenery. Also, I've never been there and neither has anyone of us.
Saturday: Stay in Toronto and continue the party.
Sunday: Leave in pure regret back to our hometowns.
  • Just a reminder for everyone, we have 15 people that have confirmed, so let me know if I'm missing anyone! Ry guy, Marktits, miketis (self), Matt the Kid, Hawk, Patsy, Bloms, Gavin, BBtits, Kreamytitz, Britztits and Gav, Codytits, Tommy the Father, Russ the young boy, and Jason the boy. Joe the Camel, Steve, and Milo are confirmed but haven't bought tickets. Please purchase ASAP if you want to be taken seriously. Also, never ever ever give up. I'll speak to you all again in 3 months once we really start ironing out some deets.
  • Or this place. But again, comes down to numbers. If we have 69 people attend, it would only be about $25 a person.
  • For Toronto, this is where I plan to book, and we'll split costs. It would be about $2200 total. However, now is the moment of truth, where we begin needing to know exactly who is going, so that we can plan. I'll be reaching out to all of you, as friends.
  • Guys, guys. Booking hotels for Thursday night in Chicago. I'll be staying at the Ambassador Chicago. Book any hotel in this vicinity, and use this extremely helpful picture below to assist your booking. I have one double bed available, in my room, completely untarnished that will be available to Ry Guy ****. Anyone is also welcome to come sleep on our floor for free. Book now, or forever hold your peace. Toronto details coming later.
  • Here are all three of my flights guys. Sit next to me and drink drinks.
  • And also here is my flight for porter airlines to Toronto on Friday afternoon. Hurry and book it too so we are all on the same flight. Also, just a reminder to get your freaking passports! Don’t be an imbecile!
  • Guys, June 9th weekend is official. More details to come later. The main thing now is to make sure you have your passports and if you book your flights now, you will save potentially millions of dollars. Thursday night is Chicago. Friday night is Toronto. Saturday night is Toronto. Have a fun day.
  • Is one able to get a decent cup of tea in Toronto?
  • Guys I am definitely coming over for this I look at dates and see what myself Tony Fearns can do.
  • Deeming this the final bachelor party is super offensive to half of the ppl invited. I demand a public apology and financial compensation from the one who deemed. I demand!
  • Also, if there is anyone that is missing from this invite, please add them. Everyone is invited.