28. October 2017 - 20:00 till 23:00
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The Fabulous Gladstones Do The Freetimes | Free Times Cafe | Saturday, 28. October 2017

Don't miss the 2nd annual 'The Fabulous Gladstones' Concert at Free Times Cafe featuring Martin Gladstone, Marci Jameson, Julie Gladstone, Bonnie Gladstone, Howard Gladstone, Brian Gladstone, plus honourary Gladstone for the evening, Tony Quarrington Admission $10 or pay what you want.
  • Really looking forward to The Fabulous Gladstones Do The Freetimes tomorrow night. The doors open at 8 and the music starts at 8:30. 8:30 Bonnie Gladstone with Martin Gladstone and Frank 9:00 Marci Jameson with Tony Quarrington 9:30 Julie Gladstone 10:00 Howard Gladstone 10:30 Brian Gladstone Hope you can join us at Free Times Cafe !
  • I would so love to come to Toronto and attend your event and see my dear friend Isabel Fryszberg. Unfortunately, it's not a possibility, but be assured my best wishes are coming your way. I hope it is a great success. Perhaps one day the Fabulous Gladstones will come to Texas and play for us (could you bring Izzy with you???).
  • Never knew there were so many Gladstones . Congrats all!! Try to make it out
  • I'm so pleased that Julie Gladstone will be joining us to perform her fine music at The Fabulous Gladstones Do The Freetimes . Hope to see you then!
  • Hope to see you on Oct 28 at The Fabulous Gladstones do the Freetimes