11. December 2017 - 17:00 till 20:00
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Energy Play and the Art of Connection | Trinity Bellwoods Park | Monday, 11. December 2017

The Movement Movement ::

The Movement Movement is the creative union between Dana Day Morrison and Jesse Buck. Together they hold space for harmonious creations of playful movement and community connection.

Location will be announced on the day!

Energy Play and the Art of Connection ::

This is a multifaceted exploration of our own divinity through breath, body awareness, expressive movement, contact dance, sound and internally energizing martial arts. Beginning in circle, we will encourage playfullness and creativity while creating space to connect deeply with ourselves before moving and connecting with others not only physically but energetically. Exploring themes of connection to others, communication (verbal & non-verbal), safe boundaries and consent, we will journey from the stillness of our circle to the bliss of free movement and back to stillness to close.

This is a PWYC event ::
Suggested 10- 20$ sliding scale ❤
  • This looks fun!! I'm working at this time, but keep me in the loop for future !!
  • I thought this was on for tonight. I can't go next week. Have a great time. :)
  • This looks like an awesome event ! Where at trinity bell woods will we be meeting ?
  • To all of you who attend this truly special event...
  • This will be another wondeful event! Will it be kid (toddler) friendly?
  • Tomorrow I'll be hosting a Cacao Cermony tomorrow in honor of the Full Moon in Aries! This time we will be connecting to Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac! A Fire sign that connects us to the Warrior! ASign that calls us up to the plate of life and demands we take steps towards our purpose! It's time to stand in our power, speak our truth and Empower ourselves with these Full Moon energies! There is still space for more and Tuckets are available at the link below <3
  • Where is it in the park?
  • To all you creative one who love chocolate, Ecstatic Dance and Crystal Bowl Vibrational Medicine... you don't want to miss this! ❤ BIG LOVE ✊
  • Brothers and Sisters 💚✊ Thank you all for having the intention to connect deeply to your community and dive deeper into your own self LOVE ❤ TODAY'S EVENT WILL BE POSTPONED DUE TO A PERSONAL HEALTH RELATED MATTER WITH ONE OF THE FACILITATORS! ... everything is OK and we will be extending the date until the time is right to share this intimate offering of Community Unity 💚🌟 Namaste ❤
  • Really wish I could be here for this event, but I'll be in clinic till 10! ~ 1<3 ~
  • Anyone know the beautiful soul responsible for the tree picture ?
  • Excited!! 😁❤✌
  • I just felt like sharing the poem that I wrote A few years ago i was in a really deep meditation, thinking about unconditional love. Then i started hearing the tune in my head. So i decided to write it down. I wrote it in about 2 or 3 hrs.... I only edited it today because i joined a poetry group. I've never taken any poetry classes or anything. I wasn't even that good in English class when in school ❤️ So this poem was a gift to me ❤️ The Heart of Man The heart of man is desperate and true it's been broken and hurt, so no light can see through The heart of man is passionate and strong bitterness and resentments seeps in all day long now it can longer sing it's lovely song The heart of man is soft and contrite It tries to forgive, but has to protects it’s self from the fight The heart of man is trusting and strong But gets rejected and lied to all day long The heart of man is helpful and kind although it doesn't get nurtured or cared for all the time The heart of man is sensitive and wise we're told to toughen up there's no need to cry, otherwise you won't win the prize The heart of man is so simple and true we make love so complicated we don't know what to do ii The heart of man is such a beautiful thing when it's open it's able to do amazing things Let's make it our mission, our passion, our truth, to care for each others hearts before it no longer has any use Let get out of our heads and into our hearts before we no longer know how to love each other, or don't even know where to start Let's take each other hand in hand before be we reject each other and no longer can Let's truly love one another as we're taught before the enemy consumes the whole lot Let's love and accept each other for who we are lest we all run away afar Next time you pass a stranger on the street, greet them with a smile or a nod At first you might find a little strange, a little odd, before long it will reach the whole pod Next time you meet your family or a friend, greet them with a kiss and a shake of the hand At first they may reject it, before long it will be a demand!!!!! By; Bryan Oliver
  • TODAYll be meeting int he park around 6:45 to get ready! See you tonight!
  • Sadly I will not be making it to Trinity to provide a Soundbath to conclude the drum circle. We have decided to postpone this event until September 10th! With August being a transformational time with 2 partial Lunar Eclipses on the Full Moon and a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon. This Summer for me has been bringing in the intention for Community Connection and Union of truth! I have been sharing many workshops and events over this last year and since this is the final month of summer I wanted to share the 4 events that I am offering starting Monday that consist of Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Breathwork, Personal Empowerment, movement and Connection to our true nature. These are offerings for you, from me to support you in this time of great awakening! Check them out <3 Monday :: Primal Movement :: Yoga :: Sound Healing https://www.facebook.com/events/1442504715793477/?ref=br_rs Tuesday :: Empowerment Yoga & Sound Healing at Pop Villa https://www.facebook.com/events/630545090469590/?ref=br_rs Aug 22nd :: New Moon Therapeutic Yoga with Acuball Massage https://www.facebook.com/events/1161882133957372/?ref=br_rs September 6th :: Full Moon Cacao Bliss :: Swimming in Pisces https://www.facebook.com/events/220173438511417/?active_tab=about
  • ❤❤❤ Today, at the Drum circle I will be there with my Crystal Bowls and plan to be sharing a PWYC 432hz Soundbath to close out the circle around 6 - 7pm 💚 So many of you have been interested in this Connection workshop and it warms my heart to see so many of you interested in cultivating deeper connections within yourself and also in connect with others. Dana is currently away for August soaking up the vibes of nature. We will be picking a date in September for us all to join together in this Experience of Connection 💚 Stay tuned!
  • Unfortunately, I am still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction and won't be avle to make it :( I hope everyone has an extra good tome for me though!!! Sounds like a blast 😁
  • Awesome id love to connect with you all <3
  • Is this kid friendly?
  • Enjoy- I've got 3 events - will see if I can swing by
  • This event has been delayed until next Sunday because of the weather! Many blessings to all of your Sundays :)
  • This sounds lovely!