14. June 2018 - 18:45 till 21:00

Designing the Movies: American Graffiti | Revue Cinema | Thursday, 14. June 2018

On the final day of summer vacation before college, a group of high school seniors spend one last night cruising the local strip of their small town. Director George Lucas set the semi-autobiographical vignettes in his own Modesto, California hometown, and in the twilight of American innocence: with Mel’s Diner, drag racing, Inspiration Point and Wolfman Jack spinning classic rock, AMERICAN GRAFFITI (and its yellow Deuce Coupe) became the cultural touchstone of a generation.

Screened with host Nathalie Atkinson and special guest, to be announced, in conversation about 1960s nostalgia, coming-of-age tales and classic cars.

Directed by #GeorgeLucas
Starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard and Cindy Williams
USA, 110 mins

Created and hosted by journalist Nathalie Atkinson, Designing the Movies is the historic Revue Cinema’s monthly film series exploring art direction, set decoration, costume and production design as a lens for analysis.