27. January 2018 - 14:00
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Balboa Revolution_Annabel Quisao | Lindy Hop Revolution | Saturday, 27. January 2018


Kicking off in January, we’re holding a series of Intermediate-Advanced workshops with stellar visiting instructors.
Eight in total from January to June!

We keep our workshops relatively small, with a cap of 15 couples. See schedule and pricing options below.

OUR VISION of Balboa: Revolution is to create a series of workshops with top instructors. We want to bring new styles and approaches to the dance.

OUR GOAL is to create a space where a group of dancers comes together to work intensively on improving their dancing from the bottom-up. We expect that you are prepared to work hard and are interested in fine-tuning your new skills during class sessions


January 27th (Saturday)_ Annabel Quisao (Washington DC)

February 11th (Sunday)_ Rafal Pustelny (New York)

February 24th (Saturday)_Steve Murphy and **** de Grandpre (Montreal)

March 3rd (Saturday)_Jenn Barnet (New York)

April 7th (Saturday)_Desiree Roffers (Chicago)

April 21st (Saturday)_TBA

May 26th (Saturday)_TBA

June 2nd (Saturday)_TBA

Schedule January 27th. Annabel Quisao

2pm - 6pm Classes. Location 374 Dupont Street 2nd floor



All the workshops have a maximum of 15 couples​

SUPER DEAL : We are offering 7 spots for leaders and 7 for followers for the SUPER PASS, that includes all 8 workshops! ​

Eight workshops for less than the price of one out of town workshop, can this get any better?!

These are the options:

- SUPER PASS: 8x workshops: $480 (limited spots: 7 for leaders and 7 for followers)

- GREAT PASS: 4x workshops: $280 (limited spots: 4 for leaders and 4 for followers)

- REGULAR PASS: 1x workshop: $80

We are adding an out of town discount:

- 10%off if you register for 1 workshop. code: BAL10
- 20% if a group of 4 is coming. code: BalGroup

  • I got a Great Pass, so do I just show up at the door?
  • Check the details of the event, we have several Balboa workshops coming and some of them are really close between them, mark your calendars and REGISTER asap!! Our recommendation is that you take the SPECIAL DEALS, save money and reserve your spot
  • Are follow spots for Annabel sold out? I tried to register and I could not check out... states products are not available in my area.
  • 1 spot for FOLLOWS, 5 for LEADS left!
  • Update: 7 spots for LEADS left!
  • Remember to register soon! We have 5 spots left for FOLLOWS and 9 for LEADS This is going to sell out really FAST!! Actually, check our deals and reserve your spot for the coming workshops...you don't want to miss them
  • REGISTRATIONS FOR ANNABEL QUISAO's workshop are OPEN!!! She is the perfect teacher to start the Balboa:Revolution Series, check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOMnfaqcbDU&feature=youtu.be