11. December 2018 - 18:30 till 19:30
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Approach Any Girl With Confidence: Get Her Attracted to You | Toronto | Tuesday, 11. December 2018

Tired of being alone for the holidays?
Join me for this virtual one-hour masterclass on how to approach any girl with confidence and get her chasing you.
What You'll Learn:
-The Fundamentals of What Women Want and Why 
-What Sparks Attraction In a Woman
-The Qualities that Make a Man Attractive (Hint... it's not looks or money)    
-The Mindsets that Any Natrually Attractive Man Has that Make Him Successful with Women
-The Secret to Getting Any Girl to Chase You and See You as the Prize 
-Different Openers/Powerful Ways to Start a Conversation with Girls (with word for word examples)
-Exactly What to Say and Do to Spark Attraction With Any Girl
-How to Lead the Conversation/Interaction Where You Want it To Go
-How to Never "Run out of Things to Say"
-Body Language Hacks and Secrets that Will Make Her Want You 
-A Powerful Eye Contact ***** that Will Turn Her On Fast
-How to Shake Her Hand in A Way that Will Instantly Turn Her On and Create Sexual Tension 
-How to Never Get Put in the Friend Zone or hear the dreaded words "Lets just be friends" Ever Again 
...And Much More
Once you learn what I teach you in this masterclass you will have the confidence to approach any girl you desire, and the knowledge of exactly what you need to do to spark attraction with her, and get her chasing you. 
Here's what some of my past client's have to say:

Learned SO much from Will, he's top notch. If you're looking for a coach who isn't satisfied until you've fully internalized what you've been taught look no further. I now view my relationships with the women in my life through the lens of an actualized man who knows his true worth. This shift in perspective and attitude wouldn't have been possible without the time I spent working with Will. Thanks, bro!

Will is a great coach who has definitely improved my skill set with personal development and also with game. Before I received coaching from Will, I was not confident and had a huge amount of approach anxiety that I could not even compliment a woman properly. With his coaching, Will was able to teach me the tips, strategies, and mindset on how to approach women successfully.

I appreciated Will's level of engagement and desire to understand what I wanted, and what I needed. He was able to detect my weakpoints with frightening accuracy. What separates Will from other instructors is that he understands how people exhibit healthy masculinity, and how to tap into it. Will took me someone, who was terrified about approaching a girl during the day, to being absolutely excited and enthralled by the prospect.