03. May 2018 - 12:00

2003 Grads (Co-hort!) 15 year reunion weekend! Save the dates | The Bishop Strachan School | Thursday, 03. May 2018

Hey there 2003 BSS Grads!
Believe it or not, this spring it will be 15 years since we graduated.
Mark your calendars: the BSS reunion weekend is happening May 3-5, 2018.
Because our year is a "reunion year" BSS is hosting a special cocktail hour for us on Saturday May 5. This will be a private event just for our year, and no charge. It happens right before the reunion chapel and dinner that evening.
The poster from the school will be posted in comments -- but here are the reunion weekend events in brief!

Thurs May 3 -- Old Girls' Luncheon

Fri May 4 -- Welcome Back Lunch and School Tours

Fri May 4 -- BSS vs. Havergal Old Girls' Hockey Game

Sat May 5 -- Reunion Years Cocktail Hour

Sat May 5 -- Reunion Chapel

Sat May 5 -- Reunion Dinner
  • Also: Haining and I are working on it, but we're going to miss some people out of our class on this invite. If there's anyone missing that you can see, please invite them!
  • Here's the official poster from BSS with more details. Please note the guidance on registration as well!