16. January 2018 - 15:00 till 18:00
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Weekly Shiatsu at Community Rates | SPAN Community House Thornbury | Tuesday, 16. January 2018

Would you like to get back on track with your health?
Do you suffer from any chronic or acute condition?
Are you willing to look at your health from a different perspective?

Co-****-Co is a Cooperative that offers low cost shiatsu sessions in a communal setting suitable for everyone on a weekly basis.

Lucy, Christine and Armelle are qualified shiatsu practitioners and are here to support you to get to the level of health you desire.

Shiatsu is more than a massage, it’s a holistic approach to wellbeing using the body to bring itself back to balance with a profound effect on the nervous system.

Come experience regular low cost shiatsu to resolve your musculo-skeletal pain as well as any internal or emotional imbalance.

Every tuesday, we offer 50 minute treatments in a communal space at SPAN in Thornbury.
9 sessions are available each week, bookings are essential:
** $40 concession**
** $50 waged**
Please bring cash on the day.

Or call/ text us on 0490525151.
We can also be contacted via email at coshicomelbourne@gmail.com.

We tend to book out but there's usually a cancellations the day before so let us know if you'd like to be on our waiting list.

Conditions that respond well to Shiatsu include stress-related conditions such as:
• Insomnia
• Anxiety and depression
• Muscular tension
• Headaches
• Digestive disturbances
• Menstrual dysfunction
• Decreased immune system.
Shiatsu also assists the musculoskeletal system:
• backache
• sprains and strains
• neck and shoulder
• joint pain.
It can also relieve:
• sinus congestion
• fluid retention
• poor circulation.

Wear loose comfortable clothes.
You'll be lying down on a shiatsu futon, clothes on, no need to undress.

We work using gentle pressure, stretches, breath and movement to allow you to drop out of your head and in your body and explore new sensations, insights, releases to feel lighter, freer, less stressed and more present and confident.
We are not here to fix you, we are here to guide you with your health journey.

Say yes to a healthy life and feel empowered.

We look forward to meeting you.
Lucy, Armelle and Christine

This Facebook event will be updated weekly just before 3pm. You can click "interested" once and keep updated on a weekly basis and you can remove yourself from the list at any time.
Thank you for being so understanding.
  • It's the end of the year and before we meet again if you're coming to our next event Shiatsu in the Park with CoShiCo by Donation, we've got a GIFT for you :) Send us your email address and we'll email you this delicious recipe booklet perfect for summer and celebrations!
  • Hey folks, We've had 2 CANCELLATIONS for today's Coshico, one at 3pm and one at 5pm, both with Robbie. Let us know if you'd like to book one in, or feel free to go to our setmore page and book there! Book here at setmore: https://coshico.setmore.com/ Or contact us at: 0490 525 151
  • Good morning Shiatsu Enthusiasts! Today is booked out and we'll let you know in case of a cancellation. Have a fabulous day! Remember that we have gift vouchers available 🎁
  • After a cancellation, the LAST BOOKING of the year is still available at 5pm with Robbie tomorrow. You can book at coshico.setmore.com Alternatively if you'd like to gift a loved one a shiatsu session for the new year, all you have to do is get in touch with us and we'll sort this out for you, for any Tuesday afternoon, valid until mid April.
  • Our last shiatsu clinic for the year is filling up! One appointment left with Robbie at 5pm. Please let us know if you'd like to go on the waiting list in case we get a cancellation. We'll reopen on Tuesday 16th january and you can already book at coshico.setmore.com. And come have a shiatsu in the park on the 14th of january 2018! :)
  • Hello lovely folks, We've got our final Coshico for the year this Tuesday and we have just 2 appointments available with Lucy and Robbie, both at 5pm. Perhaps this time of year and the festive season is stressful, hectic or lonely for you, perhaps you've been suffering from hayfever, perhaps you're exhausted with the end of the year? Whatever your reason, Shiatsu can be a wonderfully soothing and regenerative experience which can assist with many different health concerns. We'd love to see you to give you a final treatment for 2017! Book here at setmore: https://coshico.setmore.com/ Or contact us at: 0490 525 151 If we don't see you, we hope you enjoy the rest of 2017, and we will see you back at SPAN on January 16th for another year of Shiatsu! image credit: Camille Chew, http://camillechew.com/
  • We have some good news and some bad news 😉 The bad news is that this Tuesday is the last CoShiCo shiatsu clinic of the year 😞 The good news is that the incredible Robbie is honouring us with his presence 🙂 and will be treating instead of Armelle, alongside Lucy and Christine. He has 2 appointments available so far at 4pm and 5pm. Christine is available at 3pm and Lucy at 5pm. Book at coshico.setmore.com (for Rob, select "Armelle". Just a quick reminder that we have gift vouchers available as well 🙂 Have a wonderful end of the week!
  • It's Armelle's last CoShiCo tuesday for the year and she's still available at 4pm. You can book at coshico.setmore.com. She will also be at Queen Vic night market tomorrow night btw.
  • UPDATE FOR TODAY'S AVAILABILITIES: We have 2 appointments left today: 🙏🏻 4pm with Armelle (today is her last shiatsu treatments at SPAN for the year, she'll be away next week. 🙏🏻 5pm with Christine The full moon and change of season is a lot to take at once so make you book your shiatsu treatment for today or next week before we take a break. You can book at Coshico.setmore.com
  • ONLY 2 TUESDAYS BEFORE THE BREAK! It's not quite summer yet, we are in transition so once again it's important to GROUND and what better modality than Shiatsu can offer that, directly FROM the ground (on a comfortable futon though). Here are our availabilities for this Tuesday for our 50 min shiatsu treatments ($40-50): **3pm: with Lucy and Armelle **4pm: with Christine and Armelle **5pm: with Christine You can use coshico.setmore.com to book your preferred time and practitioner and you only pay on the day. We hope there's no risk of flooding where you are. See you Tuesday!
  • Today's Shiatsu opportunity is at 3pm with Christine.
  • Good morning! There's only 3 weeks before we close and reopen on the 16th of January so if you've been willing to give Shiatsu a try and haven't had a chance yet or if you've come to us before and have felt the benefits, here is our update for today's appointments: * 3pm: with Lucy or Christine * 4pm: with Christine * 5pm: Booked out Shiatsu treatments go for 50 minutes with a few questions to start the session. You can book at coshico.setmore.com or contact us on 0490525151 if you have any questions.
  • If Forest Bathing is not on the cards this week, there's always Shiatsu as a different way to rejuvenate and boost your immune system. We still have a few appointments available at 3pm and 4pm so hop onto coshico.setmore.com to secure your 50 minute session. There's only 3 more tuesdays before we take a break and return on the 16th of January... 2018!
  • Happy Tuesday ! If you'd like to discover shiatsu or want a weekly dose of goodness, we have one appointment left today at 3pm with Lucy for 50 minutes ($40-$50). Time for your health to blossom like these gorgeous roses at the Shiatsu College. You can book at coshico.setmore.com or contact us for more details.
  • Another wonderful tuesday ahead of us 🙂 As usual, we'll be offering 50 min shiatsu sessions this tuesday from 3 to 6pm and remember that every client who books will receive a recipe booklet. We still have a few appointments available : 🙏🏻 3pm with Christine 🙏🏻 4pm with Armelle or Christine 🙏🏻 5pm with Lucy Feel free to click the "tickets available " button at the top of this event and pay when you come or contact us if you have any questions. What did we get up to this weekend ? We graduated from our moxibustion course that we started in March. Big achievement to keep learning about the body and how to support health! See you Tuesday :)
  • LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION We have a 50 min shiatsu session available at 3pm today with Lucy. Anyone keen?
  • SPECIAL SUPPORT TREATMENTS THIS WEEK Hey folks, On Wednesday next week, the result for the same *** marriage plebiscite will be announced. As always, Coshico will be on Tuesday at SPAN Thornbury Neighbourhood house, the day before the results come out. These past two months may have been pretty tough on you for many reasons, and with the announcement date coming up, the anxiety may be rising. We're all hoping for a big, loud, resounding YES to this thing, but until we find out, there are always the fears and what ifs' of not knowing... as well as all the many other feelings you may have had from having your rights and lives debated and examined in public! This week at Coshico we're offering a half price treatment from each of us for our LGBTIQ friends who may be struggling due to the fall out from this plebiscite. We'll be offering these treatments on a first come first served basis and you can let us know if you'd like one via private message here on the Coshico Facebook page and we'll confirm asap. Let us know if you'd like to be on the waiting list in case anyone cancels! The times for these treatments are: Lucy : 3pm Christine : 3pm Armelle : 4pm Let us know if this is something you think you need, or pass this along to any friends who you think may benefit! If you need to talk about your experiences from the past two months, or just in general, this is also a great resource with professional counsellors available 3pm-midnight every day https://qlife.org.au Love, Coshico ❤️💛💚💙💜
  • Good afternoon! We've had a few people interested in our last appointment today at 5pm with Christine but it hasn't been snapped yet. Do you know that you're getting a FREE RECIPE BOOKLET FOR ANY BOOKING THIS MONTH? Original recipes to support your well-being and complement Shiatsu :) You can use this link to book any tuesday: www.coshico.setmore.com. See you this afternoon
  • It's Green, it's Spring and if Melbourne Cup isn't your thing, book your 5pm Shiatsu with Christine. Please bring cash on the day. Book here http://coshico.setmore.com Or call/ text us on 0490525151.
  • Are there appointments tomorrow? The ticketing information is saying 6am and the like...
  • Christine, Lucy or Robbie: Choose your Shiatsu practitioner :) Each has 1 appointment left today: *Christine 3pm *Lucy 4pm *Robbie 4pm. Head to www.coshico.setmore.com to book your 50 minute appointment and pay this afternoon ($40-50) or contact us on 0490525151.
  • Hey there lovely folk, With all this beautiful and unpredictable Spring weather, we're opening up a little bit more each day. We've moved together through the dark, introverted contemplation of winter. For many of us it represented hard times, with global and local political events, most significantly the anxiety many people have felt due to the same *** marriage plebiscite... these experiences can weigh us down as to how we can respond to the oppressive changes around us. Whether we’ve been keeping to ourselves or supporting those close to us, or whether we've been organising and rallying in the streets, we find ourselves in Spring with the feelings of possibility that it can bring. However, sometimes this opening can also be a bit awkward and surprising with funny pains felt here and there as we move more. Some of the things you can do with spring here is to enjoy what the season brings: being outside with the new green growth, stretching, walking, playing, and moving in ways that make our muscles stretch out and feel good, and aligning with the season via bodywork. With the change and transition and renewed lightness of the season, those with chronic and acute illness, including mental health issues, can feel a boost from a Shiatsu treatment at this time of year (in our humble and biased opinion) as it can reconnect us with our body after the internal experience of winter. We have three appointments available tomorrow with Coshico, 3pm with Christine 4pm with Lucy 4pm with Robbie We'd really love to give you a shiatsu, to support you with this change of season rolling in... Head to www.coshico.setmore.com to book your 50 minute appointment and pay on the day ($40-50) or contact us on 0490525151.
  • Monday evening update! A little body/mind fine tuning tomorrow? You can book your 50 minute Shiatsu with: * Lucy or Christine at 3pm * Robbie (under Armelle) or Lucy at 4pm And come see all the YESes and Rainbows at SPAN :) Next Tuesday is a bank holiday so you may be able to book with us if you've been at work the previous weeks.
  • Last bookings for October! We promise we won't play ***** or Treat on you ;) Lucy, Robbie and Christine are ready to shiatsu away this Tuesday. They are all available at 3pm. Robbie and Lucy are available at 4pm. 5pm is booked out. Head to www.coshico.setmore.com to book your 50 minute appointment and pay on the day ($40-50) or contact us on 0490525151. Pumpkin is the Spleen's best friend so how fitting that we're about to writeup a 3- part series on the Spleen. Spooky ;)
  • Good morning ! Have you ever wondered why we sometimes ask you about your diet, digestion and elimination? Grab a cup of tea and watch this video. We have a gift for all our clients who book for November and December. We have spaces this tuesday at 3pm and 4pm. 5pm is booked out. Robbie will be replacing Armelle this week. Coshico.setmore.com We are open on Melbourne Cup too the week after if you don't like the races! https://www.facebook.com/CoShiCoMelbourne/videos/524841194534920/