11. February 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Hacken Lee x Joey Yung Live in Sydney 2018 | Qudos Bank Arena | Sunday, 11. February 2018

樂壇巨星容祖兒及李克勤將於2018年2月11日在悉尼Qudos Bank Arena 舉行《容祖兒李克勤世界巡迴演唱會澳洲站》。

祖兒與克勤於2005年首度推出合唱歌曲,並憑藉《刻不容緩》橫掃當年各大獎項。此後, 他們的合作關係越來越緊密,以「愛情」為主題的《容祖兒李克勤世界巡迴演唱會》更是目前最受追棒的組合演出。他們將表演多首耳熟能詳的歌曲,包括祖兒的《心淡》、《16號愛人》、《我的驕傲》及《怯》,與克勤的《紅日》、《深深深》、《飛花》以及《一千零一夜》。兩位天王天后動聽悅耳的歌喉,生動刻劃出戀愛中的悲歡離合,必讓現場的浪漫氣氛昇華!


Hong Kong Cantopop superstar Hacken Lee with Cantopop diva Joey Yung are going to present their joint concert Hacken Lee & Joey Yung Live Live in Australia 2018 to their adoring fans.

Hacken and Joey first collaborated in 2005 and their debut song has won numerous awards in the music industry. Hacken Lee & Joey Yung Live Around the World, which with “Love” as its central theme, is set to be their best collaboration to date. The two powerful vocals started the spectacular concert with their classic hit songs which instantly lit up the atmosphere in the arena. Fans were impressed by the innovative centre stage design, stunning visual effects, magnificent costumes and the distinctive voices with all of the golden songs of Hacken and Joey.