2018 CoP Highland Workshop | The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada | Saturday, 10. March 2018

What can you expect from the CoP Highland Weekend?

Classes including:
• 2018 Championship Highland and National classes to help prepare for upcoming Championships and Premierships
• Highland and National dances for pre-premiers
• Perfecting Highland Technique
• Improving Posture, Turnout, Stretching
• Sessions on music, choreography, and the highland dancing board game!!
• CPD for professionals

We encourage teachers and judges to come and watch the classes. Teachers and Judges can attend the weekend free of charge if they have students registered. CPD will be offered to judges who attend.

Lunches and snacks provided on both days, as well as our Saturday night Ceilidh (for dancers only, but parents can buy admission for themselves and siblings).

Saturday night we will have a Ceilidh for the dancers with group activities to get to know fellow dancers and dance to a Live Ceilidh Band!! There will be dinner, dancing, fun and entertainment for the Saturday evening at the College.
  • We will have our new facility up and running for next year’s workshop!! Here is a sneak peak at how things are coming along. All dance spaces have sprung flooring which is important to maintain good health of the dancers legs and feet. Often times we find ourselves going to a hotel conference centre where the floor is cement which isn’t so good for our dancer’s legs!
  • Registration now open! Register online or download and mail to us visit: https://collegeofpiping.com/events/cophighlandworkshop