15. October 2020 - 8:30 till 17:30
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Malaysia's Graduate Recruitment Conference 2020 | Taylor's University Lakeside Campus | Thursday, 15. October 2020

A momentous annual affair, HRINCAMPUS brings together employers, universities and top students from all corners of the nation to exchange ideas, insights, develop opportunities and network.
Purposefully and meticulously designed to allow delegates to put their heads together and focus on broader issues within the industry, learn and compare notes with industry experts from all disciplines, discover industry trends, and to discuss brilliant ideations and solutions to overcome challenges faced within the industry, the HRINCAMPUS Conference is an outlook-changing affair that gives a refreshing perspective for the HR industry.
The format, overall composition and setup of the HRINCAMPUS Conference promotes open sharing of key insights and experiences, to give prominence to the graduate recruitment industry which has become a key element in the strategic planning of businesses far and wide.
With plenty of networking opportunities for delegates throughout the day, including but not limited to discussion groups and a Social Evening on the evening of the conference, delegates can be assured that their Rolodex will be significantly expanded after the entire affair.
2020 marks the 8th year of establishment of HRINCAMPUS in Malaysia, as an Award-Winning Graduate Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist in Malaysia.
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