12. July 2018 - 12:00

Fractalfest 2018 <art/ificial> - July 12-15 | Fractal Forest | Thursday, 12. July 2018

Fractalfest 2018 - <art/ificial>
July 12-15 Fractal Forest, NY, USA

**::Celebrating 10 years of Fractaltribe::**

You have been chosen to participate in a one of a kind experiment, blending technology and humankind to produce an upgraded you! As a production team, we have been building up to this moment for 10 years, and are honored to present you with this special invitation to join us for our decennial celebration. Be advised that this is a one-way invitation. Once you enter this door, you can never return....

Fractalfest is a 4-day gathering in a wooded setting focusing on immersive atmospheres, welcoming vibe, and inspirational moments. It features high-quality electronic music among three custom stages, dozens of workshops, Tea Lounge, Synesthesia & Fine Art Galleries, Effigy Burn, Kids Camp, Support Spaces, Healing Space & more.


--> Vibes Patrol
Vibes patrol preserves that special vibe of Fractal events. It keeps the atmosphere safe through diligent observation while responding to over intoxication, aggressive behavior, and sexual misconduct.
If any of these situations come up, find a Vibes patrol member (wearing a neon yellow armband), or any staff member.

--> Thursday activities:
*Council Circle: Get acquainted with each other, build camaraderie, gear up for the weekend!
*Opening ceremony
*Fractal Film Festival - 2nd edition!

--> Different Areas
*Camping Area: All camping is under a shaded tree canopy in close proximity to the parking lot. No car camping! RVs are allowed in designated spaces.
*Grassy Knoll | Woods | Chill: Our 3 musical spaces complete with custom handcrafted stages and surrounding atmospheres. Grassy Knoll features Psytrance, Progressive, Goa, Full-on, Dark Psy, Hi-Tek, Techno, etc... Woods Stage features Breaks, Glitch, IDM, DnB, Dub, etc..
*Psych-Oasis (Cool Down Tent): A safe space for attendees seeking tranquility, a friendly voice, or assistance in overcoming challenging experiences.
*The Archway (Healing Area): Space for attendees to feel whole. Offerings include: Sound Healing, Apothecary, Guided Meditation, Medicine Songs, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying
*Inner Space Pirates Tea Lounge: Refresh your day with a cool or warm cup of tea! Sit, relax and meet somebody new. Be sure to bring your own cup!
*Synesthesia Art Gallery: Experience a melding of the mind and senses with an immersive, experimental psychedelic art experience.
*Trained medical staff & security team

_____Watch out for_____

*Performances: Strange masked creatures, fierce fire storytellers, poetic persons punctuating perilously, and many other performing arts masters will be seen and heard throughout the event. You never know whom you might encounter as you wander through the forest.
*Workshops: This year, 34 educational, fun, and inspiring workshops will be held covering holistic health, expressive arts, sustainable skills, community, and communication, held throughout all 4 days of the festival.
*Opening & Closing Ceremonies
*Fractal Quest: The Quest Master will give you your first quest, along with a sprinkle of knowledge to help you succeed. As you plunge into your journey, what you experience depends on your determination and open heart.
*Rainbow Unicorn Bubble Hour: 2-3pm Sunday @ Grassy Knoll Stage. Bring all your bubbles and epic costumes!

_____Code of Conduct_____

---> Fractalfest is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. <---
That means we leave this land untouched and as beautiful as when we arrived:
*NO TRASH COLLECTION PROVIDED. Collect all your trash and TAKE IT HOME with you when you leave. We will provide you with a trash bag upon arrival.
*NO CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND, they go to your campsite trash or your **** will be toasted like the cigarette.
*NO FIRES OTHER THAN OFFICIAL FRACTAL FIRES. Propane stoves for personal use are OK, but always be aware.
*The stream and pond are OFF LIMITS. The river flows downstream and supplies various farm animals with drinking water. Do not touch, or you will be haunted by the evil water nymphs for eternity.

---> Harassment of any kind, sexual or physical, is not tolerated. Respect each others’ space and boundaries. Consent is mandatory & communication is key. Observed harassment will lead to you being escorted out of the premises.

---> We do not allow drugs or sell alcohol at our events. Know your limits, over-intoxication is immature.

---> If you are made to feel uncomfortable and need to tell someone, we are here to help. Please find a member of our Vibes Patrol team (marked with a neon yellow armband), or visit the ‘Cooldown / Support space’ "Psych-Oasis", (located in the field behind the medical tent).

---> Pets are amazing, especially the furry kinds. This festival is not for them. Please find them a sitter for the weekend.

Who Are We?

Fractaltribe is a community of artists, musicians & organizers dedicated to creating meaningful experiences & immersive atmospheres; celebrations which foster creative expression in a healthy and supportive environment through the vessel of music and culture.

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