01. December 2019 - 13:30 till 16:30
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Coach Connect Understanding Talent | University of St. Andrews Sports Centre | Sunday, 01. December 2019

This workshop supports coaches to develop a better understanding of talent to enhance them and their athlete’s success. Talent is a complex and emotive area and we’ve found that people haven’t really thought much about where talent comes from. The workshop will cover what you need to know to help maximise the potential of your athletes.
Key Outcomes:

Understand the key aspects and implications of physical suitability
Understand what is meant by the development process and how to implement this in your coaching role
Understand how beliefs shape performance and what this looks like in practice
Gain knowledge of tools and support to apply in your coaching role

Please completed elearnings prior to attending the workshops:

Understanding Talent- https://sportscotland.info/understanding-talent/#/