18. February 2018 - 8:00 till 16:00
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First Annual TinTin Losar Basketball Tournament | John F Kennedy | Sunday, 18. February 2018

The Tibetan Youth of Boston (TYB) presents: The First Annual TinTin Losar Basketball Tournament. This 3 V 3 tournament will be held in memory of our friend Tenzin Kunkhyen.

12 teams have registered. Teams who have not paid, you have till Feb 7th. If you don't we will put in the teams on the waiting list.

1. BBB (captain is Tenzin Phelgay)
2. Snow Leopards (captain is Tenzin Chonday)
3. You Mad Bro (captain is Chak Lokyitsang)
4. Windhorse (captain Tenzin Damdul)
5. Team LaVar (captain Dahlha)
6 Hentai Hadouken (captain Wosel)
7 Sunday School
8. Plot (captain Namgyal)
9. Undecided (captain Kunga)
10. Triple S (captain Tamdin)
11. Youngcles(captain Tsepa)
12. KTM bros (captain Lama)

To complete your registration please email with team name, roster and captain name.

To register please email Olo at or Chakdor at Aziansensation23@yahoo.com

This tournament is for local teams of Himalayan descent. We are not accepting any outside teams for this tournament.

Registration fee is 100$. The deadline to register is February 7. Any team that completes their registration after the 7th will have to pay a late fee of $150. We will not accept any team that wants to register after the 13th of February.
Guaranteed 2 games
Cash Prize (depends on # of teams)
Individual and team stats will be recorded

Rules and regulations:
3 vs. 3 max 5 players in a team
Guaranteed 2 games
Preliminary games and Quarterfinals:
20 minutes or up to 21 straight
Two 30-second timeout per team.
Running clock, no stoppage
12 team fouls is the bonus. After the 12th foul, player shoots free throw. If they make it, it will be the other team's ball. If they miss, live rebound.
25 minutes
up to 21 straight
Running clock. Time will only be stopped during time outs and last minute of the game.
everything else will be the same.
30 minutes
up to 25
Clock stops during time outs and the last 2 minutes unless you are down by 8 or more points.
Substitutions only during dead *****.
Any team that is intentionally wasting time will be given a warning. If it happens again in the same game, the possession will be given to the opposing team. The ref will decide this.