01. September 2018 - 17:00 till 20:00
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New Learning Commons | Bishop's University Library | Saturday, 01. September 2018

The John Bassett Memorial Library is transforming into a Learning Commons! This dynamic, vibrant, and communal space (that celebrates the intersections between learning, technology, and creativity) will take our library into the 21st century to ensure our students have the best support to lead enriching and diverse lives -- at Bishop's and beyond.

The new Learning Commons opens in September 2018; in the next 18 months you will see the library go through a transformative process to enhance how we best create spaces for knowledge production, knowledge sharing, and knowledge mobilization.

Throughout this process we will maintain open channels of communication with students, staff, faculty and members of the community.

This event page will serve as the main conduit of communication amongst the stakeholders.

From time-to-time, we will seek out your opinions on design and furnishing decisions and we will keep you updated on the progress of the library renovations.
  • What kind of furniture do you want to see in your new Learning Commons? Answer the architect's preliminary survey here!
  • Learn more about the Learning Commons project: http://www.ubishops.ca/librarytransformation
  • Renovations have begun! The old entrance has been demolished and wall openings for the new windows and doors created. This summer, the contractor will focus on renovation of the roof, the foundation of the new entrance and the new bridge at the back.
  • A look inside the gutted library. We are getting ready to move onto phase two: construction.
  • Take the Library Cafe Survey!
  • Learning Commons Project Update: As previously posted, full funding for the Learning Commons was confirmed on January 27, 2017. The cost of the project is $17 million. Our Capital Campaign has pledged $4.5 million -- $1 million of which comes from our students. The Federal and Provincial Governments have now pledged $12.5 under the Major Infrastructure Component of the Building of Canada Fund. On February 17, 2017, Project Manager Alain Durand organized a day of consultation in the lobby of Centennial Theatre. All user groups were invited to examine detailed plans for the renovated library and speak with the architects from Lemay. The architects brought twenty-five 3D images of spaces in the new learning commons. The consultation was well attended and the day was a great success. The project has been split into two separate lots. The work in lot one has as its primary objective the demolition process, but above all the decontamination of sites with asbestos in order for lot two to begin in a healthy environment. Activity in the John Bassett Memorial Library building since January has been dedicated entirely to clearing the space and the safe removal of all asbestos. The Call for Tender for the contractors who will execute the renovation (lot two) is scheduled to go out next week. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • At a press conference held on campus earlier today, the budget for the new Learning Commons was announced. The federal government has contributed $7 million and the provincial government $5 million. As many of you know, the Capital Campaign has already raised $3.5 million for the project and our remarkable students $1 million. Many thanks to all the generous donors, alumni, friends, and to our students for making this possible. Thanks also to the many Bishop's employees who have worked diligently and tirelessly behind the scenes for many years to see this project finally come to fruition. With secured funding of $17 million we are confident that we can successfully transform the John Bassett Memorial Library into a Learning Commons that will not only greatly improve student life and academic success but also have a hugely positive impact on our faculty and the surrounding communities.
  • The Library opened this morning in its temporary location. Please bear with us as we settle in and work on signage to help you find your way. In the meantime, our staff and librarians are happy to show you around the modular space and/or find library materials. Happy winter term!
  • Your window of opportunity to write your memories of the library on the wall in the comfy couch room is closing very soon!!
  • The library invites you to write a farewell note to our building before it closes on Dec. 16th. "If the library has left a mark on your time at Bishop's, leave your mark on the library!" Please keep comments respectful and we ask that you only write on the designated wall in the Periodicals Lounge, aka the comfy couch room!
  • is it 5pm sharp or can i be a little late? i think i have a meeting til 5:30
  • Hey everyone! So as I’m sure you have noticed, the library shelves are emptying out and something is happening over by the Sports Plex. These two occurrences are in fact related! If you haven’t heard yet, the library will be undergoing massive renovations from now until September 2018. These renovations require for the library to be completely emptied of books and stripped down to just the bare structure! One of the first major movements will be happening this Friday & Saturday, November 25&26th. So what happens to the books? Most of the current contents of the library will be migrated over to the temporary building standing next to the sports plex on the old tennis courts. Some items not making the trip over you might have noticed have been boxed up already and these mostly include bound periodicals and archival materials. All of the general collection and current print periodicals will be available on-site, so don’t worry! And the services? Your librarians have made every effort to ensure all of the library services that are available in the current library will make the migration over to the temporary structure and will continue without disruption. Exceptions to this include ILT classes, which will be held in other computer labs on campus. The operating hours of this temporary library will be largely the same and there will be a few computers and a print station available for students to use. The writing centre will also be displaced to Mackinnon, near the Peer Mentorship office. The reference librarians will still be available to help with research as needed and they will have a presence similar to that which they do now in the current library. Will online access and services be affected? Not at all. You will still be able to book seminar rooms in the temporary space just as you do now. You will also still have access to online databases in the same manner you do now as well. So what is the catch? Yes, the temporary library will be further away from the academic buildings and will have less space available to students. There has been a great effort to dedicate as much space as possible to students while also maintaining the necessary services. But there is a bright side! You will be closer to smoothies!