23. May 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Real-Estate: Become FREE and INDEPENDENT | Address will be provided upon registration | Thursday, 23. May 2019

Real Estate  – How DO I Start?!
Hello! Is the plan of working 40 hours a week for 40 years so you can retire on 40 percent of your income just not for working for you? If there is a way to increase your income while reducing taxes and interest so you have money to utilize, would you take action?
Einstein is often given credit for defining insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, perhaps it’s time to make a change and see for yourself WHY Real-Estate is the key to exiting the insanity.
Register Today for this exclusive Real Estate Investing opportunity and see if Investing in Real Estate is right for you. Attend a free 2-hour Real Estate Investing orientation and learn how you can achieve success through Real Estate, working side by side with our LOCAL and national network of investors.
You can join our local and national network of real estate investors, get trained at local events and workshops sponsored by leaders and community members (doing REAL deals in the area), so you can invest in real estate yourself or with others.
Why invest in Real Estate?

More millionaires have been created in real estate
Use the tax code write off's that real estate offers (200+!!)
Become financially free with proven strategies that work across the country
Suitable for anyone that wants to take CONTROL of their future

 Who should attend?

If you are looking to jump into Real Estate, you should attend!
If you are New to Real Estate? you should attend!
If you are an Experienced investor that wishes to get to the next level
Looking for extra-income

 What you’ll learn:

Fix and Flip
Short Sales
Multi Family Real Estate
Notes, Tax Deeds, and Liens
Commercial Real Estate
Rapid Debt-Reduction strategies WITHOUT changing lifestyles
Many others including Tax Strategies and how to do Real Estate Investing with little to no Money, etc.

If there was a way that you could achieve freedom... maybe travel more, not worry about the next paycheck, spend more time with family, whatever it is you'd ENJOY to do!...... and live the lifestyle that you like, would that be worth just a bit of your time?
Register below and you will receive additional information for the event, we hope to see you there and we look forward to meeting you soon!