26. October 2019 - 15:00 till 16:00
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How Not to Get Lost: Map and Compass Basics | Just Roughin' It | Saturday, 26. October 2019

With GPS devices and the number of navigation apps available, it seems that getting lost shouldn't happen, but it still does. Power can run out or even worse, the unit or phone breaks. Then what do you do? This is where basic map and compass reading skills are invaluable. This seminar is geared towards taking the mystery out of reading a map and navigating while in the backcountry without the aid of electronics. The seminar will cover the basics of reading topographic maps, rudimentary compass navigation and simple tips to help you navigate confidently. It is good to have a map and compass to refer to during the class.This is a free seminar.There will be no handouts - saving paper kind of thing, so bring something to write on if you want to take notes.