25. May 2018 - 19:00
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Flamenco Workshops and Shows | Alma Flamenca, Saskatoon Flamenco Music & Dance | Friday, 25. May 2018

Flamenco Cuadro direct from Spain: Grupo Gema "La Milana"

Show Title: "Grito"

Date: Friday and Saturday May 25th & 26th, 2018

Seminar for beginner & intermediate dancers and singers: Sunday May 27th, 2018

"Flamenco shouts to the world what my soul keeps silent!"

"Flamenco shouts to the world what my soul keeps silent", is the famous phrase that the cantaora (singer)/bailaora (flamenco dancer) originally from
Extremadura Spain, borrows to express the feeling that this art inspires in her. Gema "La Milana" says flamenco is something that goes beyond a simple job,
a hobby or even a passion, Flamenco dance is your way of life and the soul of each of your steps, conditioning every detail of your day to day.

This LIVE flamenco music and dance creation titled "Grito" (shout) reflects the passionate sentiments of the cantaor (singer), including many works of well known Spanish
poets such as Miguel Cervantes and Federico Garcia Lorca. Audience will experience this art evolving right before their eyes as each traditional based piece
in the show will follow the same path that flamenco has traveled through various cultural influences over a span of 100 years, both within and outside of Spain. Among
other cultures, intermingling with this pure flamenco performance are Cuban Salsa, Indian and African rhythms. Live guitar, cante voice, drum and palmistas percussion will
blend with dancers dressed in elaborate dresses which are possibly the most striking element of all flamenco shows.

Fourteen years ago, for personal reasons, artistic director Gema "La Milana" decided to emigrate to the south of the peninsula, where after passing through Marbella,
she settled in Estepona. "Today, based on a lot of struggle, I have an academy, "La Milana", with 180 students and I teach classes in Flamenco voice/dance,
Spanish dance, classical dance, modern dance, etc. " Gema tells us, and although her academy is her great satisfaction, she recognizes that the facet
of her profession that fills her most are her national and foreign shows, with which she has had the opportunity to expand horizons,
fill her contact list and above all, learn. "I've been to Brussels, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Geneva, Kuwait ..." But even though each of these
visits has been of great relevance to her career, it does not detract from that day when she climbed the stage for the first time as "flamenca of
her town." Each show, whatever the size of the tablao, has enriched her growth and at the same time, increased public interest. This is the case of her participation in the
contest “Tú sí que vales” (Spain's version of "Americas Got Talent") after which, despite not being a winner, she opened the door to the Russian public and other places abroad.
"My experience on Tú sí que vales, I hold dear to my heart. Of four hundred flamenco groups, Grupo Gema "La Milana" was among the first twenty-four, and in the
semifinals of Barcelona, ​​we were among the six best. We did not get the prize, but it was a very nice experience. "

A warrior of the arts, without dancing Gema simply can not live. Art is the channel through which she expresses her interior, the reflection of her soul,
like many artists, sometimes it is "higher" or "lower". It is that state of mind that will determine the different nuances in the movements.
"Each step you express in a way, depending on how your heart is", says Gema, a born singer/dancer whose desire to
overcome knows no limits. "I'm always studying, I always get new things. The technique I have is well learned, so I try to renew myself continuously,
looking for inspiration that allows me to innovate. I do not consider myself an Orothodox dancer, I like dance itself, not just flamenco ".

Inspiration, she tells us, is found in the audience, which transmits the energy she needs to give her best in each moment, regardless of the
magnitude of the scenario. "What matters most to me is my personal satisfaction, knowing that I keep improving and leveling up. I do not mind being
in big theaters or big festivals, I care that when I get there I will be up to the task. "
Currently, Gema, together with Javier Jimeno and Ana Fargas, present their show "Flamenco. El Patio ", with which she expects to cross many borders