25. October 2018 - 9:00 till 10:30
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Webinar 7 - Prospecting & Selling – Part 3: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in Sales | Webinar | Thursday, 25. October 2018

Webinar 7 - Prospecting & Selling 
Part 3: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in Sales
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In Part 2, we looked at deepening the engagement with potential clients, managing the “sales cycle” for maximum mutual benefit, continuing to build the value stream that the potential client receives, determining the scope of the potential work/projects, crafting a path forward toward closing the sale, the human dynamics involved in the sales process, leveraging emotional intelligence to form partnerships versus being another vendor, processes and pathways to successfully negotiate through the sales process and moving with the potential client toward engagement.
In “Prospecting and Selling Part 3”, we will explore how emotional intelligence (EQ) impacts sales success. Relationships, rapport, influence, persuading to buy, connection, building trust, managing human dynamics, mental agility, resourcefulness and more… all these success factors in sales have their foundations in emotional intelligence. This webinar will “connect the dots” between the competencies of emotional intelligence (Six Seconds) and the critical success factors in sales. Learn how to leverage strengths and develop gap areas. Get a sneak peek into a new assessment specifically designed to measure critical success factors in sales.
This webinar provides deep insight to the sales cycle and ways to move the process forward while building trust and relationship, where unknown leads become real people with real challenges… where you can bring them effective solutions and significant value, creating great outcomes!
The is the 7th webinar in a 10 part series. 
Each webinar in this series is worth 3 ACE  credits.

Date: October 25th 9am PDT (San Francisco)  World Times
Cost: Free
How: RSVP to register
Questions: Please email Steve Goodner, steve@gscfit.com

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