01. June 2019 - 9:30
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Web AR Hackathon | Microsoft Reactor | Saturday, 01. June 2019


Have you or your audiences been experiencing Mobile Augmented Reality App Fatigue? Are you looking for an alternative to pointing people to their app store where they must download an app for every object or place that could be discovered or revealed in more depth and with engaging AR experiences?

Are you one of the millions of content or experience creators who seeks to provide greater value and share you or your company’s knowledge, data or instructions in context in the most intuitive and lightweight manner with the lowest possible friction and without losing control?

Have you been envisaging ways to combine digital assets from multiple sources into a single, easy to manage, coherent window overlaying the real world?

The answer is coming
We are at the cusp of a new era in which a standards-compliant web browser will replace the need for (or be complementary to) native AR apps as they are being published today. A web browser is all that will be needed for the delivery of fully interactive, rich and rewarding AR experiences to users holding a variety of AR display devices.
What are we waiting for?
Between now and when AR will be just as natural for users as 2D text on a page is today, Web developers will learn how to author experiences (for use in the real world that will include 3D) and AR developers will learn/get used to designing experiences for audiences who use only a Web browser as their AR experience viewer.
Wait no more
Everyone who wants or needs to get a jump start on this exciting frontier of our digital era should participate in the first Web-based AR Hackathon June 1-2 in San Francisco California.During this hackathon, creators of all levels will form teams and collaborate on making AR experiences which can be viewed in these browsers.