10. August 2018 - 20:00
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The 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival | Shambhala Music Festival | Friday, 10. August 2018

Return home to Shambhala Music Festival, August 10-13, 2018.

Join us for the adventure and experience of a lifetime on the pristine Salmo River Ranch next August. Celebrate music, dance and the magic of human creativity under the starry Kootenay sky.

Mark your calendars: Tickets for the 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival will be available Friday, September 1st, 2017.

Six uniquely themed stages. Farmily-run. 100% attendee-sponsored. Powered by Shambhalove.

Music begins August 9th at The AMPhitheatre and The Living Room Stage. All 6 stages open August 11th, namely Fractal Forest, The Pagoda Stage, The Village Stage, and The Grove.

"It's all about the people on the dancefloor."

Strictly 19+

More information about #Shambhala2018 tickets to come. Buy tickets now: http://tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com . Stay tuned to our social and www.shambhalamusicfestival.com.
  • The Fractal Forest, well known as The Funkiest Show On Earth stage spotlight is here. First up, photos from Fractals photographer & also veteran DJ, Lefy. 🌲🌲 #shambhala2016 #rewindselecta #stagespotlights #fractalforest #magnificentsix
  • Reminiscing of those warm days and cool nights at the Salmo River Ranch. Revisit our Shambhala Films, Set the Stage today. Tomorrow we head into week 2 of our stage spotlights and Fractal Forest is up next 🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 #enjoy #setthestage #stagespotlights #relivethemagic
  • Salmo River Ranch Saturday’s! We’ve all been here before and for those who haven’t, get ready for the opening of the farm gates on the Wednesday morning 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽 Thank you Goffles Waffles for this fond memory! Purchase your tickets here: https://tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com/ and start planning your #Shambhala2018 The 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival
  • Watch the HIPHOPVANCOUVER.COM (HHVtv)​ x Shambhala Music Festival​ 2017 recap video. Ft. Moontricks, Def3, DJ Z Trip, TERRAVITAA, Downlink​ & much more!
  • We left the most important question for the last day! Who do you, our Farmily & Shambhalovelies want to see at The AMPhitheatre Stage? #levelup #letusknow And that concludes the AMP stage spotlight this week ✅Next up our beloved Fractal Forest 🌳🌲🌳🌲 📷 Caspian Kai Visuals & Photography
  • Day 4 of The AMPhitheatre spotlight. Today we are sharing a few testimonials from AMP artists and stage crew members. “Shambhala was the first festival I ever heard of 10 years ago when I first fell into electronic music. Since that moment of discovery, it has been one of my #1 goals to make it there. The thought of one day being able to share my music at Shambhala has driven me to work harder and be a better producer. It was an absolute honour to finally be invited to what I found to be the best festival I’ve ever experienced, let alone played at. The entire production, staff, and attendees maintained an unprecedented level of professionalism and warmth that made me feel right at home. I would return in a heart beat and hope to do so many times in the future!”" kLL sMTH Be sure to check out his freshly released #Shambhala2017 mix: https://soundcloud.com/kllsm…/live-at-shambhala-2017/s-9Ez4W Also, keep an eye out for kLL sMTH's festival recap that will be released shortly!
  • Shambhala Music Festival proudly presents to the people of Shambhala, The AMPhitheatre's #Shambhala2017 Stage Spotlight. We teamed up with our friends over at Rebel Cause Films to showcase one of our best kept secrets, The AMP stage. Well, the cats out of the bag and the Amp has morphed into a well oiled machine. May this video take you back to last summer and bring back all the feels ❤️ If you have yet to secure your next adventure to the Salmo River Ranch for The 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival, purchase your tickets here >> https://tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com/ << and start planning your on the road to #Shambhala2018! See you on the dancefloor!
  • Day 2 of The AMPhitheatre Stage Spotlight! Shambhala wants to know what YOUR most memorable moment at the AMP was? Was it when the Hulk Hogan posse got onstage “Hulkamania is running wild, Brother” Or was it that TRUTH B2B Stylust Beats? What about when Def3 was rapping on a floatie surfing thru the crowd during SkiiTour’s set? Share your favourite #shambhala2017 Amphitheatre stage memories with us today with a photo and we will share our favourites later today 🎪
  • Over the next 6 weeks, we will be featuring our 6 uniquely, out of this world, magnificent stages! Each week, we will be featuring favourite photos, stage crew testimonials, videos and asking you some questions. Keep your eyes 👀 locked on this page for our Stage Spotlights 😀 First up, The AMPhitheatre thru the eyes of Chané, the official AMP stage photographer for #Shambhala2017!
  • On opening night of The AMPhitheatre Stage, our west coast artist extraordinaire Longwalkshortdock brought it full throttle. Our friends over at Rebel Cause Films captured the mayhem perfectly! #fullthrottle #shambhala2017 #ampstage #longwalkshortdock #relivethemagic
  • Our friends over at HIPHOPVANCOUVER.COM (HHVtv) have released their #Shambhala2017 recap. Have a seat, relax and enjoy the ride back to the Salmo River Ranch :D Full recap article: http://www.hiphopvancouver.com/hhv-shambhala-music-festiva…/ Secure your #Shambhala2018 adventure >> https://tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com/ <<
  • The countdown to #Shambhala2018 begins...are you ready?!
  • SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL IS 75% SOLD OUT!!! Immerse yourself in the heart of the pristine Kootenay mountains for a weekend of mind-altering music at six uniquely themed, cutting-edge stages, interactive art, and camping under the starry night sky with all your farmily you have yet to meet. Adventure home to the Salmo River Ranch to experience the magic of Shambhala. Get your tickets for The 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival now at tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com #Shambhala2018 #OnTheRoadtoShambhala #AdventureAwaitsYou 📷: CYK Media
  • When will you be releasing the event page for 2019? I can't wait!!
  • Bring Chimpo
  • Ty Carey
  • We should bring VR to Shambhala!
  • So hyped! Hoping for REZZ
  • I BARELY scored tickets for next year before I boarded a plane last Friday. I can't believe this has actually become a reality. I have been waiting years to attend this festival and I can't believe it is becoming a reality. I have no words to describe how excited I am for this life-changing experience 🙏🏻❤️✨
  • There's really no place like home! ❤️ Get your tickets at http://tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com and return home next year for our 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival! #OnTheRoadtoShambhala #Shambhala2018
  • We are officially #BackOnTheRoadtoShambhala!
  • Exciting day for us here at the Shambhala HQ! Today on Sept 1st, 2017 at Noon PST, #Shambhala2018 tickets to the general public GO LIVE here: http://tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com/ And without further ado, come relive the 20th Annual Shambhala Music Festival and celebrate all the smiles, laughter, and love pulsing to the bass of our Official 2017 Aftermovie! 💜💜💜
  • To our beloved Shambhala 2017 guests, Shambhala Music Festival wants to thank you for your incredible positivity and continued #Shambhalove and support. Thank you for 20 years of amazing music, dance, art, dedication, connection, experience, adventure and more! We couldn’t have done it without you.❤️ To express our sincere gratitude, we are offering our 2017 ticket holders an exclusive early opportunity to purchase 2018 tickets. This exclusive offer is available only to those customers who purchased tickets directly through Shambhala Music Festival. Shambhala will provide a 24-hour window to purchase your ticket(s). Visit this page to read how early ticket purchasing will work: http://shambhalamusicfestival.com/2017-early-purchase-for-2018/ Please check our website on Thursday, August 31st to access the early ticket purchasing page. Much love from the Farmily. We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor in 2018! ❤️ #Shambhala2018 📷: Bobby Light