24. February 2018 - 10:00
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Skating through the forest - Lac des Loups | Lac-Des-Loups, Quebec | Saturday, 24. February 2018

We are planning to head out to the skateway on Saturday February 24th and would love to have some friends join us. Plan to make a day of it since there is an outdoor fire pit near the chalet and great hot chocolate!

Discover the enchanting site of Skating Through the Forest next to the vast Gatineau Park, at 45 minutes from Ottawa. Savour the pristine experience of ice skating on a natural 3km open air ice path in an incredible landscape and sheltered from the wind.

  • Sleighrides every Saturday and Sunday 2 to 6
  • Desole
  • Working weekend😢 so gonna go on my weekend off!!
  • Michela Chennette 2018 trip let's gooooo
  • Is it open other days?
  • Hey gang! To my friends who were thinking of joining us there has been a change in plans!! We will be entering an ice fishing tournament on Family day, which means I am pushing our skate day to Saturday February 24th instead. I know several of you mentioned that you didn’t have family day off, so maybe this will allow you to come and join us!!
  • Have skates etc neef a ride can pay ...3013284935
  • Sara Braden we should do this! It will give me a reason to get my butt up there.
  • And this to Nicole!
  • I have seen various start dates for this event/venue. Is Feb. 19th the start date, or will it be sooner? Thank you!
  • Geneviève Labelle sa serai cool y aller cette année
  • Alex Satouroff this is where I want to go!
  • Interested but I'll be working.
  • I'll be in Costa Rica.
  • Family day is in February 😆
  • I don't know how to skate haha
  • I can't make it during the week as I have to work