01. October 2017 - 12:00
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MTG - League of Extraordinary Planeswalkers | Heroes' Beacon | Sunday, 01. October 2017

Each year we run a special limited Magic League. This year, our League of Extraordinary Planeswalkers begins on Oct 1 and will run every 2 weeks (except Dec 24) until the end of March.

How it works:
- Cost = Price of the packs being drafted.
- At the start of the season players will draft 6 packs of Ixalan and build a 60 card deck.
- Each session after this one additional pack will be drafted that can be added to your ongoing deck for the season.
- Upon release of Rivals of Ixalan in January, a 3 pack draft will be held. After that session, that draft set will be added to the season deck and continued to be built on until the end of the season.
- Players joining the season late will have the option to purchase an equivilant number of packs to build their initial deck.
- Playing during the season will award the players with points based on each game win (unlike match wins for typical match wins) - each session will hold 4 rounds
- end of season points will be calculated after dropping the 2 lowest scoring sessions for each player, so if you miss a session you will not have to worry about getting 0 points for that missed time.
- The first session will also not award points as it is used to draft more packs, build the initial deck and play only a couple practice rounds.
- trading rules for the season will be announced and posted at the first session.