21. January 2018 - 10:00
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Bellydance Immersion Miramichi | Maritime Tribal - Bellydance & Lifestyle | Sunday, 21. January 2018

My Immersions Launched in Saint John and Moncton are filling up so I am seeing if I am able to run one in the Miramichi!

Your year-end show will be in Moncton- In December
here are the details for the Saint John Immersion I will bring it to Miramichi if we can get 10 people.

Tennative dates are SUNDAY
Jan 21
Feb 25
Mar 25
Apr 15
May 13
June 10
July 8
Sept 16
Oct 14
Nov 18

This Comprehensive Bellydance Course will span 80 hours of class over 11 months and will culminate with an optional show at in December 2018 I am able to open this course to 15 Full-Time participants and a few A la carte workshops depending on availability.

We will solidify you working knowledge of Bellydance technique and steps, be given assignments and access to resources that allow you to study in your own time. Learn pop culture and women's history, Music Theory and Cymbal drills.

We will work on Group Choreography as well as develop tools for you to build your OWN choreographies.

To be included in the group performance you must attend ALL of the rehearsals. Of course, people get sick and life happens, and we can always work on a one on one situations to make options that work for everyone .... Get in touch with any questions.

The tentative dates are:

Here is a Sample of the curriculum :
January 2018
Intensive Sunday January 22 FULL DAY $75 Tax Inclu
10am-NOON 2 Hours Technique - Drop in 35
10- Minute Break
12:10-130 YOGA (Maintenance practice) $20
130-3pm LUNCH
3-4 Choreo/Cymbals and Music $20
4-530 Goal Setting: Why are we here? Resources and Training Plan for the Year $25

Homework for Feb is to come with a Finished Plan and an understanding of the Steps covered.

Let me know what you think
Follow this link to register and see our different payment plans