06. July 2020 - 14:00
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Lavender - Seed to Seal Experience 2020 | Les Lavandins | Monday, 06. July 2020

This milestone event is a special opportunity for our members to walk in D. Gary Young’s footsteps and see the story behind Lavender; one of our most popular essential oils. Taking place in the beautiful village of Simiane-la-Rotonde, France—lavender capital of the world—where the fragrant plant has been distilled for centuries, this four-day programme will be led by our world-class trainer, Nicolas Landel.
 You’ll discover why versatile Lavender essential oil is known as the ‘Swiss army knife of essential oils’, learn how to use the oil and uncover how its calming and soothing properties can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle for maximum benefits. As well as practical product knowledge, you’ll also visit and learn more about the farm and the natural beauty of the surrounding area, gain scientific knowledge of essential oils and oil-infused products and experience the art of blends in our scent-making workshop at the Université Européenne des Senteurs!
Take away new found knowledge, resourceful educational material and an event-exclusive goody bag!

Tickets include:

Four nights’ accommodation in Les Lavandins 2* Hotel https://www.leslavandins.com/en/

Breakfast, lunch and dinner made with fresh local produce is included each day.

Exclusive Seed to Seal® experiences at our Lavender Farm and Distillery.

In-depth education from Nicolas Landel.

Welcome bag with programme essentials and oil related goodies.

Group transfers around Provence, including the beautiful Forcalquier and Simiane-La-Rotonde.

TWIN and MATRIMONIAL packages are priced at €500 +VAT per person. Based on double occupancy, the package price will be €1000 +VAT.
GROUP packages are priced at €450 +VAT per person.  Total package price will be €1800 +VAT based on four adults sharing a room.
CHILD tickets (2-12 years) will be 50% off the full ***** price. Please contact europeanevents@youngliving.com in order to recieve this discount.  Children under 2 are free to attend and children over 12 must purchase an ***** ticket.
Please note, if you are one person purchasing a TWIN or MATRIMONIAL package and you wish to bring a child under the age of 12, please contact europeanevents@youngliving.com.
Upon registration, please ensure you provide the names of all guests who will be attending (including children) 
Our Lavender Seed to Seal Experience is a wonderful event for European members. If you are a Young Living member outside of Europe, arrangements can be made by contacting europeanevents@youngliving.com.

All sessions are held in English:

Session 1: 6th July - 10th July, 2020

Session 2: 10th July - 14th July, 2020

Session 3: 14th July - 18th July, 2020

Session 4: 18th July - 22nd July, 2020

Session 5: 22nd July - 26th July, 2020

We will be providing translations in each session as listed below:
Session 1 – Russian; Session 2 – Lithuanian; Session 3 – Spanish / Italian / Romanian; Session 4 – Finnish; Session 5 – German
Airport Transfers 
Airport transfers are NOT included in the ticket price. If you would like to book transfers from and to Marseille Airport on your day of arrival and departure, please ensure you select this ticket option upon registration. The transfer ticket is priced at €50 +VAT per person (return).
Young living will provide ONE shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. On arrival day, buses will depart Marseille airport at 14:00 and on departure day buses will depart at 10:00 and arrive to the Marseille airport no later than 12:30. Please plan flights accordingly. If you are unable to make the bus that Young Living provides, you will be required to arrange your own transportation from the airport to the hotel. 
Duration of transfer is approximately 2.5 hours 
Registration for transfers will close on June 6th, 2020 so please ensure you book this in advance. Please note, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

Cancellation of an event by Young Living (Europe) Limited
Young Living (Europe) Limited (YL) is committed to offering high quality events and will always aim to run events once tickets sales started. Occasionally circumstances will arise which result in the need to cancel an event. When this is the case YL will take active and positive steps to inform you as soon as possible by email. YL reserves the right to modify or cancel any event if unforeseen circumstances arise but we will do our utmost to avoid doing so.
In case YL cancels an event that you have paid to attend, we will offer you a full refund (or a credit transfer for a future event).
No refunds will be issued after 30 days prior to the event.
Please note: If the event is cancelled or changed, the event organisers are not liable to give refunds for any travel or accommodation costs you may have incurred.
Ticket Transfers
If you are no longer able to attend an event you can transfer your ticket. To transfer a ticket, please email europeanevents@youngliving.com and provide your full name and member ID as well as the full name, member ID, home address and email address of the person to whom you’d like to transfer the ticket.
Please note: any further money transactions will have to occur between you and the new attendee.
No Transfers will be accepted after 30 days prior to event.
If you would like to modify your information or registration details, you will need to email europeanevents@youngliving.com
Young Living is a family focused company; therefore, we welcome children to come to a variety of our Events. However, we do ask that you are mindful that some presentations and activities may not be suitable and young children may cause distraction.
Children under 2 years old may attend free of charge
Children between the ages of 2-12 may attend the Event at 50% of the cost if a family package is purchased with 2 adults and 2 children.
Children over the age of 12 will require an ***** ticket.
To register a child for the event, please contact europeanevents@youngliving.com

Ticket Sales on the day
Ticket Sales on the day will be 33% more than standard ticket price
Special Assistance
If you require special assistance, it is imperative to contact europeanevents@youngliving.com
As an attendee at a Young Living Europe event, photographs and videos will be taken for use on social media, event and marketing materials and as Young Living sees fit, without compensation.