24. February 2018 - 20:00
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Laura Jaschke & Luke McLellan's Stag & Doe | Port Dalhousie Lions Club | Saturday, 24. February 2018



Just show it at the door. (You'll get an entry to the Grand Prize of your choice at the door!)


OH HEY! Super pumped to see everyone on SATURDAY, FEB 24!

We have so many prizes and there are more being added!

GRAND PRIZES: Foosball top cooler FULL OF BOOZE! & a Full-sized Silver iPad 32GB.

Raffle prizes include: Hockey jerseys - Leafs, Blackhawks,
Team Canada, Kate Spade stuff, Sony Noise-canceling headphones, Fuji Insta X Camera, Lagostina set, sooo many giftcards (The Keg, Pizza Pizza, Body Shop, Cineplex..), Wine Carafes, Anchor bakeware sets, Caesar kit, tool sets and MORE.

I know, right? Here's who you can buy tickets from:

- Laura Jaschke or Lucas McLellan (I would think that's a given)
- Katie Mitchell
- Bobbie-Jo McLellan
- Laura Goodwin
- Jade Abrahams
- Shaun McLellan
- Steve Jaschke

  • Listen. You've been drinking straight out of the wine bottle and we all see you. We know sometimes you use that novelty wine glass that holds a whole bottle instead, and quite frankly, we are a little worried. BUT Win these fancy *** carafes and use a glass and no one will question you ever again! Just some of the new things they'll say: "She's really matured!" "So adult. Much wow!" "I'll bet she doesn't start drinking at 3pm on a Wednesday anymore!" Two days until the stag and doe! We'll have lots of wine there!
  • We’re adding a handmade Charcuterie board from Rustic Designs by Rich to our ever growing prize list!! Want to see how they’re made? Check out their Facebook or Instagram and see the work that goes into each of these. If it were up to Luke, this would be a chicken nugget board, so luckily he can’t win any prizes.
  • Imagine all the selfies you can take when you win the InstaX camera! Here’s my best example for you 😂😂😂
  • WEAR YOUR BUFFET PANTS, you’re gonna want to fill up at our NACHO BAR 🙌🏼. See you in less than 2 weeks!
  • Who wants to win an iPad? 🙋🏻 Everyone gets a ticket for the grand prize(s) just for showing up.
  • One time Laura's grandma got sick, so her grandpa was forced to make lunch for himself. He decided on soup. He got the soup can in a pot, added water, and cooked it. He said it was awful. It was then he realized it was actually spaghetti sauce. "I don't even like spaghetti sauce!".😂 He's the only person I know who knows less about cooking than me. I own this sandwich maker and even I can use it. 👨‍🍳 Now you can win one! And this cool wonder woman slow cooker. 😎
  • I almost don’t wanna give this stuff away! Two humongous, comfy pillows and a King sized mattress topper. Generously donated by our friends at Bestway Bedding. 💕
  • Like World Juniors or Olympic hockey? Did you love seeing the Americans not score a goal in the semis or finals in 2014? We've got a Canada jersey to win! (Mens M) Do you love long summers and phrases like "Maybe next year!"? Do you love thinking every player will get traded to Toronto and casually mentioning Auston Matthews in irrelevant conversations? We've got a Leafs jersey to win! (Ladies L) Do you love bragging about 3 cups in 6 years, but have selective amnesia where you can't remember anything before the year 2010? Do you like knowing the answer to the trivia question, "Which original 6 team can no-one remember because they weren't really relevant?" Perfect! We have a 'Hawk's jersey to win too! (Mens M) These are all brand new official RBK jerseys. We can bring a discreet bag if you win and are embarrassed to show you're a Leafs fan.
  • I know absolutely nothing about designer bags. Apparently this Kate Spade lady and Michael Kors guy are pretty cool? I hope so - this stuff wasn't cheap! Oh, right. Do you want to win one (or both)? Come to our stag and doe! Did you know you can buy tickets online? It's 2̶0̶1̶7̶ 2018! bit.ly/LandLtickets Not a prize - our home decor in the back.
  • One of the grand prizes is one of these Foosball coolers full of booze! It's awesome! The cooler, when on the stand, comes to about my waist. You get a ticket to win this (or the full sized iPad) when you show up. <3