01. June 2019 - 5:00 till 8:00
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Richmond Park Wildlife - Photography Workshop | Richmond Park | Saturday, 01. June 2019

Join me for an unforgettable experience in am Oasis of calm and beauty and only 15 miles away from London!
Richmond Park, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, was created by Charles I in the 17th century as a deer park. The largest of London's Royal Parks, it is of national and international importance for wildlife conservation.
I have photographed Deer in this park many times and know a number of intimate locations where you can capture them in all their beauty but without disturbing the habitat. There is also a unqiue cityscape view of London that I will share with you.
This workshop is for photographers who have an interest in wildlife but never had the opprtunity to get up close and personal with these animals. 
I'll explain all the techniques you need to take Wildlife photos including:
- Exposure
- Composition
- Anticipation
- Utilising Zoom and understanding how an image is compressed.
- Using high speed shutters in low light.
-ISO settings
-Auto focus techniques
- Use of a tripod
I will give you as much guidance as you need on the morning.
A camera with manual mode, tripod and lens with a focal length of 120mm or longer are required
The workshop will start at 5:15am, just before sunrise and will last approx 3 hours. An early start is required!
Due to the nature of this workshop, spaces are limited to just 5 places. This allows me to provide a high level of hands-on, advice, help and support, whilst respect the animals natural habitat.
Detailed joining instructions will be sent to all attendees, 3 days before the workshop.
Book your place and catch some wildlife images that you'll remember for a long time!