25. February 2018 - 13:00 till 16:00
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Vegan Potluck & AR Cryptocurrency Meeting | Richmond Hill Public Library | Sunday, 25. February 2018

Hello fellow animal advocates,

Everyone interested is welcome to attend, whether you are vegan or not. Please bring a potluck item without any animal products. Thank you.

It's time for another vegan potluck - however, this also involves a serious discussion regarding how to take our vegan community’s activism to the next level.
While it has been amazing to see all of the amazing progress we have been able to accomplish in the past year. I have been growing more and more concerned regarding the state that more sentient animals around the planet are finding themselves in.

Thus, I am organizing a meeting/potluck (Everyone interested is welcome to attend) to discuss a cryptocurrency project(F.Y.I - we are not asking for people’s money) I have developed to help our community of animal advocates to better fund organizations, causes and businesses that help to make a difference in the lives of animals.

For those unfamiliar with this space, I will explain all the basics of how cryptocurrency works and how the one I have developed for our community has been designed and how the network has been set-up.

We are looking to brainstorm ideas of how we can get the coins to be distributed to more individuals and organizations within the community, drive the usage and help better fund those that help animals.

For all questions - please comment or send me a message on FB. Thanks.
  • Remember to bring your USB Sticks, it is necessary for the meeting. Part of what we are going to be doing in the exercise requires a USB Stick. Everyone who attends will get a wallet set up for them during the meeting if they wish, so bring a USB and begin the process of helping improve the future for #endangeredspecies. #UE4wildlifehabitat #LOBAcoin
  • On Febuary 25th, we will soon be launching the official website for our animal based cryptocurrency "Lobacoin". Lobacoin.xyz will soon be live. The official place that you can create your own wallet, make transactions and make purchases to help create a better future for various species of animals.
  • A member of the #political party, in which I ran for back during the federal election of 2015 - to defend the wildlife of my local riding and to give them a voice from the greed of developers, Jordan Reichert does an amazing job confronting Mr. Trudeau regarding the dismal decision to **** proposed legislation to add basic protections for animals, present in all G7 countries - except in Canada. While the answer was expected, over the past two sets of Canadian Governments - we have seen how its so difficult to get any progress for the #protection of #animals across this country, we clearly need a permanent solution that provides those that care about the future of Canadian #species with more grassroots power to make the change they wish to see.#compassionatepolitics #suitandtieactivist #animalrights #animalliberation #veganism #cdnpoli #justintrudeau #primeminister #canada #nanaimo #victoria #UE4wildlifehabitat
  • Hi Sue, I likely can't make this in person but I love the concept and would love to stay in the loop if possible!
  • For those planning to attend, due to the scheduling of the library's rental times. We are just letting you know that we will need to do a brief set-up for this meeting/potluck at the start of the event. It will take no more than 10 minutes tops. #UE4wildlifehabitat
  • Sorry that period is not suitable for me. From about that time till the 1st week of April I will be away.