20. January 2018 - 10:00 till 12:00
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SDGF Basic Obedience Training Class | J.F. Gregory Park | Saturday, 20. January 2018

After much is offering a Basic Obedience Training Class. This class will be taught by SDGF Training Director, James Quarterman. The class will last for 2 hours and is $150 per person/dog.

Please make payments via PayPal using the "Friends & Family option" to avoid the service fee. The PayPal email address for payment is:

ONLY 7 spots are available! Everyone must be confirmed and paid in full prior to the day of the class.
  • Charlie Noble PAID thru paypal.
  • Hello Everyone, my name is James Quarterman, K9 Training Director of SD Gunner Fund. Just so we're all on the same page....I'm an easy going, dog training, human. Meaning, I am professional when I need be, but my personal page is just that, so proceed there with caution. God ain't through with me yet. Now.... I started showing American Pit Bull Terriers at 7yrs of age, competing in Weightpull and Conformation. At 12yrs old, I bred my first dog for Canine Sports. In 2006 I registered my kennel as Tough-n-Tender Kennels with American Dog Breeder's Association. In 2013, I obtained my ADBA Safe Dog Evaluator certificate (similar to AKC CGC). 2010-2013, I trained 150+ dogs of various mixes from Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach. Each dog given 8wks of basic obedience training and earning their American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certificate. Oh, all volunteered, meaning I did it ALL for free!! 2013, I ventured to Tennessee to buy an existing boarding/grooming/training and feed sales facility. Bad business transaction, in short, I returned to Florida. However, during my 2yr run in Tennessee, I was a decoy for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, where I was expected to lay complicated tracking conditions, agitate dogs to engage then safely catch Police Service dogs dispatching apprehension. 2013, I was K9 Training Director for another organization, 1B4C. Leaving there with 25+Service Dogs assisting Special Needs Families and Veterans coping with the harsh residual affects that haunt them. 2013, I obtained my International Association of Assistance Dog Providers identification. 2015, I obtained my Canine Nutrition Specialist II certificate. 2016, I registered Tough-n-Tender Kennels with American Preservation Dog Registry and obtained my APDR S.M.A.R.T Start Evaluator certificate (similar to AKC CGC). I'm a Member in good standing with MANY dog clubs (North Florida All American Dog Registry, Central Florida Show Dogs, Central Florida Working Terriers Association, MidFlorida American Pit Bull Terrier Association, Fox Kennel Club, American Preservation Dog Registry of South Florida, and Remy Kennel Club) thru out the South East in multiple registries (United Kennel Club, American Preservation Dog Registry, All American Dog Registry, American Kennel Club, American Dog Breeder's Association, Remy Kennel Club)compete in Canine Sports with our dogs. Thru out all this time, I have been a successful dog trainer and re-trainer with over 15 years of EXPERIENCE training dogs in conformation, weight-pull, basic obedience, protection, sprint race, lure course, vertical wall climb, barn hunt and task training. I believe that dogs perform best thru conditioned reinforcement, non-reinforcement, little to no social pressure, primary reinforcement and conditioned discipline which can work wonders for them. I can work with any variety of purebred as well as mixed-breeds successfully. Working in hobby kennels most of my life and then fortunate to be invested down in by professional breeding/boarding/grooming/training kennel owners, I am well versed with all the tricks that one needs to employ to train dogs in all manners, especially red-zone high-drive dogs. I am compassionate by nature and my love for animals is evident amongst my circle of pet, competition, service dog owners, and K9 Handlers. I work towards one goal only – training dogs to make their owners/handlers happy. My most recent success includes Service Dog Evaluator, Trainer, and Public Access Tester for SD Gunner Fund. It is an honour, and a privilege to hold the title K9 Training Director for SD Gunner Fund. Any questions you may have, you're welcomed to ask me. But please understand (and respect) I am brutally honest and expect/demand that IF you seek my assistance...You follow thru with what I suggest trying or doing. Bottom line, don't waste OUR time (yours nor mine). There's NO such thing as a stupid question, NO need to feel you're bothering me. You have a question, ask. Yours In Dogs, James
  • Tammie paid in full (paypal)