28. February 2018 - 20:00 till 23:00

Quiz Whizzers Friends Edition - Live at The Capitol | The Capitol | Wednesday, 28. February 2018

Don't be stuck in 2nd gear, get down the CENTRAL PERK..uh, I mean, The Capitol, for some trivia about some old FRIENDS!
  • Meagan Leeanne should we make a point and go to this???
  • WOW! We just filled up the whole room with reservations for this event! Sorry to those who did not get a chance to book in, there may be a few bar top seats available for walk-in. Thanks again for all the "FRIENDLY" support people!
  • I’d like to reserve a table for 4 for the Friends trivia night please - at 7:30. Thanks
  • I'd like to reserve a table for a team of 6 for the Friends trivia please!
  • Just a quick info post for everyone interested in coming out for this event: - You can reserve a table on our FB or website - Teams can be any number - from 1 to 8 but keep in mind you play on one smart phone per team (with more players it gets tough to see or hit a button on the phone) - As for connection with the smart phones, you'll download a free app called Speedquizzing Virtual Buzzer. We've had difficulty connecting with some Samsung phones, other androids seem fine. iPhones have the least amount of connection issues. Thanks for your interest in our Trivia Night!
  • How many people are allowed on a team?
  • Sydney Leippi !!
  • Bradley​​
  • Omggggg Jssel Hysuik Cory Macleod we’re going.
  • Do we need to register our team or just show up?
  • Susan Pompu Girrll are you in ****** this day?!