22. December 2018 - 18:00 till 19:30
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Heart Centered Sound Meditation | Brahma Shanti Yoga | Saturday, 22. December 2018

Every Fourth Saturday at Brahma Shanti Yoga. $25 pre-sale only through Eventbrite, as space is limited.
This will be a meditative time for restoration and healing of the mind, body and soul. Come let the vibrations of the fusion of modern and ancient healing instruments wash over you and melt the stress away, revealing deeper layers of yourself and activating healing, anti-aging pathways in your dna. 
As you lie peacefully absorbing the blissful healing sound, Monette and on occasion, guest healers will guide you with intention for healing and manifesting deeper mindfulness, and heart centered awareness which cultivated more peace and focus in your life. This is accomplished by utilizing knowledge from many ancient cultures,modern science and the Holy Spirit to aid in cultivating  balance and wholeness in your life.  
We begin with a meditation to set our intention and then we allow Spirit and Sacred Nada(Sound) to take us on a journey to our heart center and beyond. Each person has a unique experience that is right for them at the moment. I also incorporate the healing energy of reiki, crystals and aromatherapy into this time of sacred meditation for personal development and healing.
Heart Centered Sound Healing 
There is a sacred place deep in the heart where the Christ is seated. It is the place one goes when in prayer, meditation or sacred inward journey. It is a portal to all universes and dimensions in and beyond space and time. In this place there are no limitations or boundaries. It is accessible to all and is governed by unconditional pure love.  Have you been there in awhile? Come journey with me to the heart center with Sound and Spirit and reconnect once again.
Sound Healing
Healing Sound uses frequency and vibration to not only bring you into deep brain wave states for relaxation and meditation but also bring healing to the mental, emotional and physical body. We are vibration at the molecular level; atoms, vibrating against one another. When one gets out of sync it can cause dissonance and disorder which eventually can lead to disease. Sound healing with specific, steady healing frequencies, utilizing the law of entrainment, overpower this dissonance and those atoms, by nature, join the harmony, and the resonance is restored once again. This action brings healing and helps activate your body’s own innate ability to heal itself in resonance. 
Come find your heart center again. Come find your place of healing and truth. Reconnect again. 
Please bring a filled water bottle and a yoga mat, blanket and any cushions for added comfort. Blessings and Namaste- M
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