18. October 2019 - 9:30 till 16:30
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Personal Development with Creativity | Wokingham Waterside Centre | Friday, 18. October 2019

Creative techniques are a wonderful way of exploring ourselves, our thoughts and our patterns, enabling us to look more deeply and intuitively into what has shaped our lives and what is getting in our way.
This workshop is suitable for individuals wanting to know more about themselves and also for Coaches undergoing their training or fully qualified Coaches who are wishing to explore how creative metaphors unlock a deeper conversation with their clients.
The Theme for this workshop is Influences: Influences - what's shaped our beliefs and values
This workshop is 2 in a series of 3. You are welcome to come along to one workshop, whichever  resonates with you most, or to all 3 to gain the most benefit.
In these workshops we share creative ways for you to explore what makes you tick, where your beliefs and values came from and whether they are still serving you well.
When we are truly ‘lost for words’ using creative metaphors to express what we mean provides a unique opportunity to make new associations, gain new perspectives that will help create a positive shift in you and your life, or those of your clients.
“At the edge between the known and the unknown there is a fertile place, full of possibility. Playing at the edge can lead us to experience fresh new learning, creativity, joy and wonder.”Steven D’Souza and Diana Renner From their book “Not Knowing"
Recent attendees used these words to describe their day: Powerful, Enlightening, Spacious, Beneficial, Exciting, Peaceful. 
The themes of the workshops are:
1) Relating - our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others
2) Influences - what's shaped our beliefs and values
3) Masks we wear - the **** we show others and the one we keep to ourselves
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Or call Christina Bachini on 07970 745356 or christina@chrysalis-awakening.me