04. March 2018 - 7:30 till 16:00
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5th Annual Mount Everest Challenge | Troll Ski Resort | Sunday, 04. March 2018

WELCOME to the 5th annual Mount Everest Challenge! This is an INCREDIBLE event, that tests not only your physical endurance but mental stamina as well! 20 RUNS! We have it worked out that when a skier/boarder completes 20 runs (from the top of the Red Lift), it is equivalent, in height, to summiting Mount Everest! The lift begins at 8:30am and stays open until 4:00pm. Registration begins at 7:30am, in the lodge. Each participant MUST complete the mandatory 7 runs and then complete 13 runs of their choosing. Hotdogs and drinks will be served at the bottom of the Red Lift, during the lunch hour. Once completing 20 runs, participants will turn in their 'bibs' and their name will be entered into a draw for their age group. These draws are off the hook and many people look for every reason to get their name entered into some of the additional draws!!