12. September 2020 - 10:00 till 16:31
CM Studio, Puchong
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Amazake: The Blossoming Sakura (Special Amazake Mooncake Series) | Saturday, 12. September 2020


A Mid-Autumn Festival Experience by Chef Ben Lee & Owen Tan

Introduction of Amazake

Amazake is a traditional Japanese quality sweetener. It is a good replacement for sugar with enzymes and probiotics. It can improve digestion, immune system, and with added beauty benefits for better skin conditions. This is a special mid-autumn festival series, where we will be using Amazake to make Amazake Sugar-Free mooncake which is healthy and can also be consumed by diabetic and cancer patients.

Programme outline:

1. The danger of sugar to health

2. The origin of Koji and Amazake

3. Health and beauty benefits of Amazake

4. Demo on making Koji and Rice Amazake

5. Making Shoyu-koji

6. Making shoyu koji sauce

7. Semi hands-on cooking session part 1

8. Semi hands-on baking part 2

Cooking Session Part 1:

Organic Sakura inspired lunch


- Amazake kimchi pickle

- Rainbow Amazake bibimbap

- Korean spicy tofu

- Fruity sakura salad & Amazake dressing

Baking Session Part 2:

- Amazake Sugar-Free Mooncake

- Amazake cinnamon buns and Amazake beauty drink

⭐Total 15 recipes to be shared. Participants will take back a free gift.

Fees : RM330/pax