14. June 2019 - 10:00 till 12:00
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Port Talbot and Trostre BSPS DB pension transfer seminar - ticket booking service. | Best Western Aberavon Beach Hotel | Friday, 14. June 2019

Thousands of steelworkers from Trostre and Port Talbot were transferred out of BSPS.  The purpose of this seminar is to discuss whether or not they/you were well or badly advised to transfer, and what your courses of action and possible solutions are if you think you were not.  

The structure of the meetings will be a panel and seminar lasting 90 minutes, with networking time after.  In order you to ask questions of the panelists and the organisations.  This is the plan:* Opening remarks – Al Rush / MPs* Opening remarks e.g. role, remit, why we’re here etc – FCA (5 mins)* Short presentation - transfer advice FCA (15 mins)* Opening remarks e.g. role, remit – FOS (5 mins)* Short presentation – the compensation process - FOS (15 mins)* Opening remarks – MAPS (5 mins)* Short presentation – how the system should work - MAPS (15 mins)* Question and answer session (30 mins)* Informal socialising with stands etc (30 mins).As we’re looking forward rather than trying to focus on the past (I understand there may be some questions that arise on that side) I was hoping the timings above would afford enough time for group questions before the networking / socialising. This has to involve wives too - that’s absolutely vital.

Entry will only be either a print out of a ticket from this site, or a pdf captured on your mobile device/tablet.  Please make sure you allocate your ticket category correctly.  

Best wishes,

Al Rush.