10. August 2018 - 15:00
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Tatts At The Bridge | Point Edward Arena | Friday, 10. August 2018

Lambton county's first ever tattoo expo.
  • New Shop coming to the Expo. Lucky 13 from Toronto, Ontario will be attending. Head over to their page and see the work the do. Give them a call or a message on facebook. Book them for the Expo.
  • We would like to thanks Kinsmen Club Of Sarnia - Official for coming on board with us and providing you fine people the beer tent at the event. They will be running the tent with the profit from it going to their club for community events. I know you guys that are coming will work there tails off. Great club to deal with. They treated us well and gave us a lot of help.
  • New profile picture. Huge thanks to Malibu Budd from Addictive Tattoo for doing the this for us. Its wicked.
  • Travis Ellis-MacDonald from The Inkery in London, Ontario will be joining Breigh Bellavance (who was already booked for the expo). Travis is a Neo-Traditional Freehand Tattoo Artist and new skool Neo-Traditional. Hit the link below and see if you can book him for the expo. Don't forget ladies that Breigh does the Microblading, Permanent Make-Up. Contact The Inkery and ask for her to book at the expo.
  • Just wondering if you are donating monies made to any charities? Sounds like you will be making a bundle and lots of charities could really benefit by your generosity. (For example Mental Health, Humane Society, Womens Interval Home, MS...etc.)Do you have any older veteran tattooists doing any of their art at all? Would like to see some of their work.(1960s -1980s.)and maybe get a piece or two.
  • Hope everyone are enjoying their holiday with the fam. No rest for the wicked here today. We would like to welcome Neon Crab from London, Ontario. Chris Hall and Chantelle Sturgeon will be at the expo. Head on over to Neon Crab page and see the links for them and look at the work. Give them a like while you are there. Maybe get a hold of one of the artists to see if you can get an appointment with them at the expo.
  • Another amazing artist to announce. Seymour Kaniho from Garden Grove California will be attending the expo. We are very excited for Seymour to join us and watch him work. He is originally from Waimea, Hawaii. He well versed in all styles but he specializes in Polynesian. He is working out of A-Town Tattoo. Below is some of his creative styles of work.
  • https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1593763334035423&id=848471348564629
  • Jessica Oesch will be joining Border City Tattoo at the Expo. She is currently working with Jeremy and has been excited from day one about being a part of the Expo. Nice to see another Sarnia artist being a part of the event. Below is samples of her work.
  • New artist to add. Carly Thibert from Tattoo's By Carly, will join us at the Expo. Hit the link below and check out her work. Give her a like. She is excited to be there. Hit her up maybe you can get an appointment with her at the Expo.
  • Another excellent artist to announce. From Family First Tattoo's,Dylan MacNeil. It will be exciting to have Dylan their and watch him bring a piece of art to life. Below are some great samples of his work.
  • Another artist that will be joining Kyle Johnson from Neon Crab Strathroy, Ontario will be Jay Slaven. It's great to have 2 artists now from Neon Crab. See if you can book him for the Expo. https://www.facebook.com/jayslaventattoos/
  • Madness Ink Tattoos now has weekend passes in Chatham, Ontario. Head on down to 225 St. Clair St and see Neil to buy your pass. Cost is $55 and please bring exact change. Cash only. While their maybe see if you can book one of the artists for the Expo or if you have the itch get one when you get your weekend pass. Look forward to see you at the expo.
  • When will you be making announcememts on the line-up of entertainment?
  • Hello everyone. I have been speaking with a talented lady that designs jewelry. She will be attending the Expo with her jewelry line. Wendy is the winner of 2016 Reader's Choice Jewelry Award. Below is just a sample of her creativity. If you want more check out her website. Maybe place an order while you are there. https://www.evilandenchanted.com/
  • Good evening everyone.. Another great artist for you that is joining us. Kyle Johnson from Neon Crab Strathroy, Ontario location. This gentleman is doing a piece on our Director of Public Relations Ang Wise. Check him out. Maybe you can try and book an appointment with him before the Expo or at it. Things are heating up. more to come.
  • Places in Sarnia that have weekend passes. Smoke Station - 1200 London Rd Border City Tattoo - 139 South Vidal Sacred Xpression - 173 Christina St North 4 Life Ink - 178 Davis St These places are cash only and please bring exact change to make it easier on them. Cost $55.00 While at these businesses maybe talk about booking an appointment to get a tattoo done at the expo. If at Smoke Station maybe pick yourself up a little something for your recreational hobby :)
  • Ok tattoo enthusiasts. Today is the day we have a limited number of WEEKEND PASSES. We will be doing online sales and some places in Sarnia have tickets (just to start). What places that have them will follow this post. How it will work for online sales. We take VISA, MC, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PAYPAL,OR E-TRANSFER. I will send you a copy of your weekend pass to your email and on the day of the event bring a copy of your pass and the original will be at the doors waiting for you. Ticket sales will be done in order that I receive messages. Please do it through our email to make things a little bit easier. tattsatthebridge@hotmail.com......... Cost $55.00 for weekend
  • Jay Stirling (Jason) will be joining us at the Expo. He will be doing a guest spot in Lost Time Ink booth with Kevin. Some impressive work I have provided to get a taste. If you would like to try and get an appointment with Jay contact Lost Time Ink to make arrangements.
  • ADDICTIVE TATTOO is sending another artist. Steevie Boy will be at the expo. Steven has been tattooing since 2015. You wouldn't know it. Don't believe me take a look at his Instagram and see for yourself. We look forward to see Steven work his magic at the Expo.
  • Another Sarnia artist will be at the Expo. 4 Life Ink will be attending. It is exciting that we have local artists coming to represent our community. We look forward to see Pete at the Expo. Head on over to his page and take a look and maybe book your tattoo with him at the Expo.
  • Life Inx Supply Co. (Black Watch Tattoo) will be a supplier at the Expo. Along with a pioneer to the industry Richard Bear. Richard Bear will also be a special guest judge for the tattoo competiton. He will also be tattooing at the Expo. Richard wrote out his accomplishments he has done for the industry. Please read his short Bio he sent us upon confirming they will be there. "I started tattooing in 1965,when I was in the army Posted in Edmonton Alberta, although I must say I didn't tattooing or what I had learned about the art seriously till 1975,as I became more interest in airbrushing, sign painting, screen printing and fine art. Even though I work successfully in all these fields in the late sixties and early seventies there always seemed to be something missing,and after spending the winter of 1976 working with severe breathing problems that turned out to be walking pneumonia my doctor ask me if I was still airbrushing and spray painting and when I told her I was,she informed me that if I continued,because of what I was breathing in when working that it was unlikely that I was going to get better and would likely die,so after some consideration I decided to take tattooing seriously,within a week of that decision I meet Paul Artue and Bill Freeman also known as Tattoo Manitou. Bill owned Midway Tattoo and Paul work there,they both invited me to work with them, which I did and have never looked back.In 1978 I opened Dragonfly Tattoo at 1382 Danforth Av in Toronto and that shop stayed opened till 1986 when I moved to New York city NY after about six months there I moved back to Toronto Tattooed privately and worked in the movie industry for about a year till I moved to Ottawa and reopened Dragonfly I was there for five years closed the shop and went to work for Boundless Ecstasy in St.Catherines On.for a year and a half and with Steve Stricker at Wyld Tattoo in Hamilton On. for six month when I had my fifth heart attack and had to take time off to recover. In 1998 moved to Gardenhill On. and worked for Taboo Tattoo for six months,in Whitby ON. than opened In The Skin Tattooing on Dundas ST and after two years changed the shop name to Indelibly Yours freehand Tattooing after a falling out with my partner,and continued to work under that name for the next seventeen years, closing the shop after a triple bypass in 2011, after recovering I worked for a short time in Prickering ON. at Ink Monkeys Tattoo shop,than for The Madbohemian Tattoo shop in Bowmanvile with Mark Peterkin for four years. After leaving Madbohemian I took a year and a half off and now work for BlackWatch Tattoo in Oshawa. CREDITS include the first Canadian tattoo artist to receive from Outlaw Biker magazine and the Professional Tattooist Guild a tattooist aware of the month 1986,along with many articles in the magazine about tattooing. First tattoo artist to be interview by the Canada AM television morning show 1985, Interview in 1985 on air by CHUM FM, Three documentaries filmed about tattooing and myself by York university,( Midway Tattoo) 1978 channel 9 ( CFTO) 1982 and Rogers television 1985 (Dragonfly Tattoo), Interview by Jamie James for his book History of Canadian Tattooing in 2014 which I believe is written from a academic point of view and Ned Burwells book on the same subject but from a artists point of view First Tattooist to be invited to work at the Toronto Motorcycle Swap Meet I believe that was 1981 or 2 , Worked with an helped Dee Day of Adventure Tattoo put on the first tattoo convention held in Ontario in Barrie and I believe that was in the winter of 1983, Was a judge at The Great Northern Tattoo convention in Pettwawa ON, put on by the Wizards Den Tattoo shop located in the same town. Worked and judged at the Royal City Tattoo Convention I believe that was in 1995 or 6." Richard Bear
  • It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce from ADDICTIVE TATTOO from London, Ontario, Sarnia native, multi award winning artist MALIBU BUDD will be at the Expo. She is one of the most sought out female artists. Malibu Budd started tattooing 2007 and specializes in horror, realism, portraits, freehand and custom design. Check out her work on here on facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
  • Today was a great day. We added a new member to the team. She has experience in promoting and doing events. She is well educated and eager to get started. We welcome Ang Wise and look forward to working with her. Outside of Tatts At The Bridge, she has a music festival that she is promoting and does some modeling. Look her up on Instagram. In saying that she will be taking over our Instagram as you all know I suck at that. Show Ang some love. More to come.
  • Jkr Uno this event