09. March 2018 - 12:00
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How to hold a pigeon:-A brief introduction | Plymouth Big Screen from PowWow TV | Friday, 09. March 2018

Learn how to hold a pigeon with this free pigeon holding session 🐦

Make feathery friends with Plymouths local wildlife, in this fun class!
  • Are pigeons provided or will I have to bring my own? BYOP?
  • Andrew Green Samuel Harper you guys were meant to be coming to Worcester on the 9th, we might have to reschedule.
  • Will there be sniffer dogs at this event? Asking for a friend
  • Not gonna lie, really nervous as I’m scared of pigeons. But hopefully this will help. πŸ‘
  • Kirsty Fitzpatrick
  • Do I need to bring my own pigeon? Not sure how to hold it without it dying yet.
  • looks good can't wait
  • Will there be an intermediate follow up course? I want to be the best dang pigeon holder the world has ever seen
  • The elusive Long Necked Pigeon. Not seen very often in Europe, but I saw this one in a park in Plymouth.
  • Andrew Veg This is just the class for you!
  • Do the pigeons have large talons? - asking for a friend
  • Will they be real pigeons?
  • Will Sam Rowlands be teaching the class?
  • Josh Lancefield πŸ‘πŸ½
  • Will we also learn how to get shat on with pride?
  • Manoela Bedicks
  • Do we have to bring our own pidgeons?
  • Sarah Jane Thompson Alexa Teboulbi I think Sarah needs this
  • In some sort of pastry Pidgeon pastys
  • I’m going to be running air rifle training across the road maybe we could link the events
  • Maraki signed you up! x
  • Can’t wait to get this bad boy out
  • Molly O'Dea you'd love this 😊
  • Mary Clare
  • Do we learn how to hold it till it stops breathing or is this just like a how to hold pigeons for ****** ? Asking for a friend .