09. February 2018 - 15:00
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2018 Indigenous Women's Symposium | Trent University | Friday, 09. February 2018

The symposium is an event that brings together Indigenous women, their families and allied scholars to celebrate the voices, experiences, and lives of Indigenous women.

Please visit the symposium website for complete details:

  • Would like to get more information please if you could p.m. me I would appreciate it
  • Does the $100 fee apply to students who are not Indigenous or is there a student price? (in IESS, if relevant)
  • Proposals to present are now closed. But tickets for registration are still available. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  • https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indigenous-womens-symposium-tickets-39091981168?aff=eac2
  • We're on Instagram too now! Follow us!
  • please visit the symposium website for all the details: www.indigenouswomenssymposium.com
  • I know this is a Women's Symposium, but can I a Man attend and sit in and listen and learn? So I can learn to be the best advocate for Indigenous Women and Women alike. I'm on my path of being Peterborough next City Councilor, and I need to learn all I can, so I can be the best voice of the people of this area. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Christopher Robson
  • ... sweet ... my mom was a student at Trent ... Cheryl Snake... both of us will be there :)... looking forward...
  • I would love to setup there as a vendor. Can someone add me to the list or send me any info on it.
  • would love to have this exhibit at your symposium if at all Possible. Been in contact with Paula.
  • Who do we get on contact with
  • Saw callout for more presenters - can't find contact information. Can someone contact me please? Miigwech
  • Can someone contact me
  • Can someone contact me about this event and vendors ??
  • I have left a voice message as well as sent an email and have not received any response. Would someone please respond to my question. Miigwech.
  • How do we register for this event?😀👍cool
  • Who is the contact person or where is the link for the 2018 vendor contract? I have people looking for it too!
  • We just had an amazing exhibit at OPSEU CONFERENCE HERE IN TORONTO over 300 members attended this.
  • How do we register for this?
  • Who can contact for a craft vendor space ? Miigwetch
  • Was wondering if I could get a contact to inquire about being a vendor.
  • Melissa E Maracle Alanna Maracle