2020 Bonhoeffer Conference: "Only the Suffering God can Help" | BBI-The Australian Institute of Theological Education | Thursday, 22. October 2020

This theme is prominent in the prison letters where Bonhoeffer describes God as "weak and powerless in the world" and tells us that "only the suffering God can help" because only in the presence of the crucified and risen Christ does the human encounter with God take place. The conviction, though, that God suffers had long been central to Bonhoeffer's understanding of divine grace. "For me," he wrote in May 1942, "the idea that God himself is suffering has always been one of the most convincing teachings of Christianity. I think God is nearer to suffering than to happiness and to find God in this way gives peace and rest and a strong and courageous heart."
The latest edition of The Bonhoeffer Legacy: An International Journal has been released with many of the research papers from last year's conference. 
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