09. January 2018 - 17:30 till 20:00
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Urban Legends Slam #5 feat. 2017 UL Team | LIVE on Elgin | Tuesday, 09. January 2018

How do you start a year off right? By inviting a group of incredible poets to show you how poetry is awesome! Come out for our first slam of the year, it's promised to be incredible!

Live on Elgin
Doors open and sign up at 5:30
Show starts at 5:45 SHARP!
4 open mic spots
9 slam spots
$7 the door!
FREE for performers and high school students with school ID.

A little about the 2017 Urban Legends Team:
The team consists of Apollo the Child, Blue, Rhube, Zee and Shawn K. They represented Ottawa in 2017 at the CFSW and they're just super rad people and great poets!!
  • I'm brand new but want to do it badly....how do we sign up?
  • Dear brothers who I respect .... And sisters whom I protect.. Please realize that on tuesdays during these times I am a slave to my duties which is fitness. At last... A kickboxing class.... I have been called out by beauty and have been put on a hit list Khaleefa ApollotheChild Hamdan I am blind and thank you for helping me VIZUALIZE our beautiful future... I feel pain when I leave my participants inactive, for them I am more than an instructive fitness leader, for some I am a healer and a souther... I want to attend oh so badly but every tuesday I am conflicted..... Torn by this times...like the seas with the tides... I am free to train but without poetry to express my stress trough words at urban legends I am in a prison convicted.... I wish to be there... But though our words I see that we are everywhere at once like the Gods who created us.... Thus I will promis a peom to be posted on this very page week after week as we age ... As I weap and weap of sadness from not being able to share the stage.... With my brother with my sisters for the childrend for my lovers... Accept this poem! ...this Apology ? An Apoloem ?? Poemology?? Please accept my energy thru my play of words And continue to make sing these goergeously wild feathured birds in this event better and better for our beautiful future to continue growing more artists and poets for this world to prosper. ;) See you all very soon!! I know I said I was going to rest .... I'm sorry I didnt lie...now I go right back to resting my back... I was just obliged to get this off my chest. Dee Ciple