10. February 2018 - 10:00 till 18:00
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Showstoppers February. 10 .2018 | Allsaints Ottawa | Saturday, 10. February 2018

Ottawa's Epic Shopping Adventure featuring AWESOME local businesses,kid entrepreneurs,workshops and DOG FRIENDLY!

SHOWSTOPPERS is a carefully curated MARKET featuring Ottawa's BEST innovators,creators and #LOCAL business owners.

Participate in a workshop or two.

SHOWSTOPPERS is an INCREDIBLE collection of some of Ottawa's best local businesses. Creating/Making/Sampling/Sipping
SHOPPING for mind blowing gifts/treats.

SHOWSTOPPERS is back by popular demand and we can NOT wait to see all of you there. Shoppping till you drop!!!
  • HR Reps, and employers - come visit 13 First Aid and Safety Training if you have any questions on what your WSIB responsibilities are in terms of First Aid training!
  • Fairly bath bombs 🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️ www.evasbathbombbakery.com
  • Working on some little hearts for #showstoppers. Bran new from Petit Désir Fou. Give a heart, receive a heart, share a heart.
  • WORKSHOPS SIGN UP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1502141429893899/
  • WHO IS HUNGRY? cuz it's lunchtime! Cassandra Church owner of CARB FREE CAFE is crushing the lunchtime offerings. Get over there and get this into your awesome self. Get it delivered. https://www.carbfree4me.com/ #SHOWSTOPPERS is where you will meet this DYNAMO!!
  • Can I ask how we sign up for all the amazing workshops that you've done such a great job telling us about?
  • SIGN UP FOR WORKSHOPS ASAP and create a treat for your Valentine <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Eleven Love <3 with Dawn Evans #SHOWSTOPPERS 11:11
  • WELCOME UWF Textiles Cathy Haley creates exceptional and stylish goods. Shibori is the ancient Japanese art of manipulating cloth so that it resists dye and creates beautiful patterns. All my fabrics are hand-dyed and hand sewn. This company is an extension of Upwithfurniture, my furniture painting business https://www.facebook.com/upwithfurniture/.
  • SHOWSTOPPERS ON ROGERS all week long.Our great thanks to Dylan Black and he is super talented at sign making!! Who knew? Have you signed up for the workshops yet?
  • Dylan Black for the win!! Sign up for the sign making classes with WILLOW AND ROSE
  • Pure Heart Essentials is excited to be participating in this amazing event. Time to stock up on our long lasting, no goo in your dish soaps. 100% natural with essential oils and most of our soaps are vegan.
  • Eleven Love with be sharing all of our LOVE at the Showstoppers February. 10 .2018 craft show! We can't wait to see you there! More products coming! Stay tuned! ✨💖✨
  • Black Shallot is excited and humbled to be a part of such an amazing event - supporting local, supporting small business, and supporting women in business is everything! I'm planning the menu for #Showstoppers while working on our Spring + Summer menus, and I'm feeling seafood!
  • NO TIME? SHOWSTOPPERS IS GIVING YOU TIME!! & $100!! TUESDAYS we GIVE AWAY sheer awesomeness from Monique Vermeulen . Looking for super busy corporate business leaders who have no time to eat right. 1.Post a photo of your desk,right now. 2.Comment #IhaveNOtime #needmealdelivery 3.Then tag three friends who you are bringing to SHOWSTOPPERS on FEB.10th https://www.facebook.com/events/405225763223859/ WINNER AT 9pm tonight.
  • WATCH Dylan Black all week on ROGERS TELEVISION as he crushes it with 100% full support of our event featuring locally owned businesses with women #BOSS Links will be posted by the following business owners. Caity Paine Mood Moss Flowers Adriana Rincon Karla Briones FRIDA's ATTIC Lise Beutel SOULier Melissa Pushman Sugar Angel! Julianna Melnick-MacDonald WILLOW AND ROSE Leanne Moussa of allsaints #Ottawa #loves #local #biz #613
  • Hello Ladies ... Was such a busy and enchanting weekend.. I am just so pleased and excited to Share that I will be a Special Guest on the ROGERS Daytime TV on January 25/2018 @ 1pm I will be sharing our Super Hot ShowStoppers Event & Talking alittle bit about DelightfullyDeliciousDesserts. I couldn’t b more thrilled.. We are just weeks away from ShowStoppers can’t wait to interact and meet all sorts of amazing people. Here are a few little goodies from this weekend I wanted to share 💞
  • I am so excited to be taking part in this amazing event. I am a local indigenous entrepreneur who has created a unique product called: Backyius Liquid Smudge. It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional smoke smudge and uses organic traditional medicines: sweetgrass, cedar, sage and tobacco. I have made three unique blends: Traditional blend: perfect for anyone who seeks to purify themselves or a space of negativity. Woman Warrior: know an incredible woman in your life who deserves a unique blend. This one’s for her using the traditional indigenous women’s medicine of Cedar. Medicine for a Broken Heart: know anyone who is grieving loss of a relationship or someone. This blend is for them it can help with the grieving process. A smudge is: Purpose of a Smudge: A smudge is a Indigenous ceremony and ritual cleansing commonly practiced by many to remove negative energy, feelings, and emotions are lifted away. It is also used for healing of mind, body and spirit, as well as balancing energies. Our Elders teach us that all ceremonies must be entered into or begun with good intent. So many of us use the smudge as a symbolic or ritual cleansing of mind, body, spirit and emotion. The smell of the medicines stimulates our brains to produce beta-endorphins, which are part of the normal healing process of our bodies. Smudging may also be used to cleanse, purify and bless the part of our Mother, the Earth which we utilize in seeking after the spiritual. For example: around the area used for sweatlodge or powwow. It may also be used to purify or bless special objects or totems, such as jewelry, rattles, clothing or other ceremonial objects. It is a customary to cleanse, over our eyes, ears, mouth, hands, heart and body. Some people choose to smudge it over their backs, to 'lighten their troubles'. There is far more information on my FB page or Etsy and of course I will have them all on site at the show. Have any questions feel free to ask :))) FB: https://m.facebook.com/home.php?soft=search#~!/profile.php?id=137669030186112&ref=content_filter Etsy: http://etsy.me/2Dcn8nd
  • SHOES and BOOTS from the same studios as LOUBOUTIN? Slow Fashion.Plant based and perfect for Vegan and Vegetarian and everyone. Lise Beutel is revolutionizing the way we need to purchase shoes SHOWSTOPPERS is all about educating new clients on great businesses who are planet friendly!! WATCH THIS and be mesmerized . DYLAN BLACK is loving SHOWSTOPPERS YES! on trend. On track with BRAND NEW amazing shoes
  • SIGN UP SIGN MAKING WORKSHOPS Let's GO! We will be running two different workshops - the first at 10:30AM and the second at 2:30PM. LIMITED SPACES available in each workshop so don't delay and register ASAP! We have done 3000 signs in workshops since June ... come see why people keep coming back for more and get your creative on! Leave with a gorgeous sign you made with your own hands! 10:30AM workshop registration https://willowandrose.myshopify.com/products/willow-rose-loves-showstoppers-sign-making-workshop-10-30am-workshop 2:30PM workshop registration https://willowandrose.myshopify.com/products/copy-of-willow-rose-loves-showstoppers-sign-making-workshop-2-30pm-workshop?variant=5766069682203
  • Super excited to head to Rogers Daytime tomorrow to chat about Showstoppers and Willow & Rose! Excited to put Dylan Black through the paces of a super condensed workshop ... if he can tackle it in under 7 minutes I guarantee you'll be successful at our amazing DIY workshops at Showstoppers! What are you waiting for - get on it and register today!
  • The countdown is on! 19 days until Showstoppers knocks your socks off with amazing vendors, workshops, eats, treats and more talent than you'd ever imagine in one spot! Willow & Rose is working hard to bring some of our favourite pieces that you won't be able to help but fall in love with - check out some pics and see some works in progress! But, why not tackle your own in one of our workshops? We still have space, though not for long, so register ASAP! See what all the fuss is about and catch the sign-making buzz! https://www.facebook.com/events/1502141429893899/?ti=icl
  • Fractal Effects will be back at Showstoppers February 10th. We've curated a collection of pieces and pendants to promote emotional and spiritual awareness. Amethyst in particular is wonderful for transmuting negative energy into love. Perfect Valentine's day gifts for someone you love, or yourself!