26. May 2018 - 8:00
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Run Sully Run! | Ottawa, Ontario | Saturday, 26. May 2018

Brent knows concussions and the lasting effect they can have on someone far too well.

While playing in the OHL for the Sarnia Sting, he suffered multiple concussions in every season, never finishing a season healthy. Retiring at 22 due to concussion issues and post concussion syndrome, he went on to suffer one more concussion in a car accident in 2015 that put him in a downward spiral.

After dealing with mental health issues, personality changes, and massive weight gain, Brent has decided to fight back. He has committed to run the 2018 Tamarack Ottawa Race weekend Half Marathon, and hopes to raise money for the Concussion Legacy Foundation as he battles back from post concussion syndrome.

Having started on June 1, Brent will be documenting his journey while training for the half marathon along side his two furry friends, 6 year old border collie Ella and 3 year old Golden Retriever Harvey.

Here he will post updates often on how the training is going, as well as how you can donate or support his cause.
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  • Nice adrenaline (and pizza) filled run after an emotional win last night. Nice to enjoy the day off after this one. Keep sharing and spreading the word with the donation page and the Run Sully Run swag page! https://teesforthepeople.com/products/run-sully-run https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/FundraisingPage.aspx?registrationID=4057698&langPref=en-CA#&panel1-2 Happy Family Day!
  • Hi guys! Awesome new platform is out for ordering Run Sully Run swag. The previous order was fairly hard to manage, and there were a few shirts that did not come through. This way, you can order whatever you'd like and have a variety to choose from. All proceeds will go directly to the foundation after the site is closed. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to reach out. Happy shopping!
  • In one month we've helped Brent raise $675 for concussion education, outreach, and reserach initiatives in the city of Ottawa. As we transition to the Charity Challenge fundraising platform we'd like to invite you to view, donate, and comment with your support on Brent's new fundraising page: Brent's endeavor is unique because not only will the money raised benefit the Ottawa community directly, Brent himself will as well. Brent has been absolutely critical in our move into Ottawa, particulalry through engaging the University of Ottawa Athletics Department in MANY of our initiatives. We are just getting going working with the Gee Gees so tell your friends and donate to make 2018 an unforgetable year for the Rowan's Legacy (Ottawa) Concussion Project!
  • We're officially through our first month of 2018 and we're on track to have our best year yet. To keep that momentum going we'd like to invite you to join us in Ottawa May 26-27th at the Ottawa Race Weekend. Brent and our Director of Public Relations Samantha are looking for individuals to walk or run with them in ANY of the scheduled races. Joining is EASY: 1. Register for the event of your choice at www.runottawa.ca 2. Under Scotiabank Charity Challenge select "Create Personal Fundraising Page" 3. From the drop down menu that appears select "Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada" 4. Create an Account As an added incentive, first 25 people to raise $100 will receive a Run Sully Run shirt for FREE to wear on Race Day. **After 25 participants, anyone who raises $200 will receive a Run Sully Run shirt for FREE to wear on race day. Individuals that raise over $500 will receive a Run Sully Run/CLFC swag kit. Finally, individuals that raise over $1000 will receive a Run Sully Run/CLFC swag kit and get to join Brent and our CLFC reps for a get to know each other at some point during the race weekend (details to follow). Once registered please email Sam: bureau@concussionfoundation.ca to confirm enrollment and update her on any of your fundraising progress.
  • We are now an OFFICIAL Scotiabank Charity Challenge Participant! So what does this mean? It means that EVERY dollar raised will go directly to the foundation, which means more funds for outreach initiatives across Ottawa, other CLFC cities, and even a way to start budgeting some MAJOR national campaigns we have in the works. In order to be successful in this endeavor, we need YOUR help. So grab your #RunSullyRun swag and join us on race weekend as a runner, walker, cheerleader, donor, etc. Runners/Walkers: When registering for Race Weekend please select Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada from the drop-down menu to join our team. You'll also get a free fundraising page where you can directly fundraise for the foundation. Cheerleaders/Supporters: Join us on the course to cheer on our runners. We'll have a specific section for all CLFC/Run Sully Run supporters to gather together (noisemakers will be provided by the race weekend staff). Donors: At this time we've transitioned all fundraising to our charity challenge page linked to this post. A BIG THANK YOU to all who have supported Brent Sullivan and the foundation so far.
  • Solid 12km run today running through Carp. Gorgeous day for it! Make sure you guys keep sharing my go fund me page and the proceeds for the foundation keep growing. www.gofundme.com/runsullyrun
  • Run Sully Run Campaign Update: Hi all! First and foremost, we are overwhelmed by the support Brent has received in just the past 2 weeks as we've already reached about 25% of our goal. Today we have some very exciting news to share. Our foundation has been working tirelessly to get Brent's story out and the hard work has paid off. Because of Brent, we have been invited to participate in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Last year alone this challenge raised around $850k for charities in the Ottawa area through runners just like Brent. We are in the process of transitioning our fundraising page to a new platform that is exclusive to Charity Challenge participant charities - rest assured, the donations received to date have gotten to us and will not be forgotten. The benefits of the Charity Challenge are enormous, but most importantly it allows us to work directly with Scotiabank's highly skilled team of media and PR specialists to share stories just like Brent's in order to raise funds and awareness for head injury research and education initiatives. With the support and promotion from Scotiabank we anticipate we will be able to CRUSH our original goal. Even more, Scotiabank also offers prizes for charities raise exceptional amounts of funds overall, per runner, etc so the opportunities to help the youth in the city of Ottawa are limitless through this program. BUT, in order to remain an eligible charity for the challenge, we need a MINIMUM of 10 runners to join us. If you or a loved one are already registered for the run and would like to join our team please email bureau@concussionfoundation.ca and Sam, our Director of Public Relations, will get you set up. If you have yet to register for any of the events but would like to, just wait until we are listed on the charity drop-down list and join our team simultaneously while you sign up for your event. Our Director of Public Relations will be joining Brent in the race weekend and we would love to see as many of you out there running or walking with us as possible! This challenge is a great opportunity to share stories just like Brent's so if you or a loved one have personal experiences with head injuries we would love to hear from you and spread your story.
  • What a great opportunity to share my story with Terry Marcotte and CTV Ottawa regarding Run Sully Run. Down to the second half here of a long year of training and recovery. Couldn't have done this without all of your support! Please continue to share the page and story. Every bit helps!
  • Today we would like to wish Brent Sullivan a very happy birthday and officially launch his Run Sully Run fundraising campaign as he continues to train for race day. As you may well know, Brent has had his own journey with concussions and through his courage and commitment, he is helping pave the way to create a culture where head injuries become a priority. Our goal is to help Brent raise $100 for every km he is set to run come May, with proceeds benefiting Brent's hometown of Ottawa and communities across Canada. To donate and learn more about Brent's story click below:
  • Run Sully Run shirts making their way down to Florida. Zoe looks a little ticked she didn’t get one.... #runsullyrun
  • Earning myself an extra piece of pie today. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with food!
  • The support continues. Appreciate it Sean Bamford and Nick Duhn #runsullyrun
  • Appreciate the support from my good buds Cody Hendsbee and Brett du Puy. Merry Christmas! #runsullyrun
  • Woof, little chilly out there too! #runsullyrun
  • Shirts are in! For all those that ordered a shirt, you will be hearing from me very shortly if you haven’t already. Big thank you to my sponsors for this run Crossfit Bytown and Home Instead. For those that did not order a shirt and would like to, I will be placing another order in the new year!
  • Ouch! Great run after practice but boy that hurt. Runs are getting tougher with the weather dropping, but excited to see the progress of losing over 50lbs and overall feeling better. Shirts should be ready any day now!
  • First order of shirts sold out, currently being made! All those who reached out I appreciate it greatly. The long sleeve and sweaters are not made yet, but if interested can create another order just after Christmas. Thanks to the sponsors for helping me with these great products! Crossfit Bytown, Home Instead, and Unsung hero all played a large part in this!
  • Free tickets to symposium about concussion education this week in Ottawa 🤗
  • Well these look pretty cool! Just doing some finishing touches on colouring of the logos but will be ordering them any day now. If you could all comment the sizes below that you would like for the shirt and which colour I can order more specifically for you! Looking at probably $20 for the t-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Big thanks to the sponsors Home Instead Senior care and Crossfit Bytown for making this a fun journey so far.
  • Beautiful run with the pups tonight through the trails of Gatineau and down by the water overlooking our beautiful city. Starting to feel a bit better on the runs after about 3-4 weeks of feeling tired. Some good workouts at Crossfit Bytown and the daily grind of season starting has me looking forward to the freezing cold winter runs! Down about 45 lbs in 4 months, and not fitting into many of my clothes. Expensive hobby I decided to pick up! Appreciate all the support, shirts will be coming out shortly!
  • 😏 🏃 registration complete, its real now! #runsullyrun
  • Hi guys! Exciting day today as I had help from Cameron Penney to design the Run Sully Run shirts that will be being made by Unsung Hero. Just about to send this design in with the Concussion Legacy Foundation as well as my sponsors Crossfit Bytown and Home Instead Senior Care on the shirts. Wanted to see a number that would be interested in a shirt so I have an idea on the amount I should order. Not 100% sure of price yet, but all proceeds will go to the foundation. Who would be interested in a shirt?
  • Happy Friday folks! Dogs definitely hate me after this one. Enjoy the weekend!
  • Found this awesome video of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Excited to be doing this for Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada. Ill be registering today!
  • Hi team! So just wanted to post something here to go over how things have gone. Nice 4 minute video below goes into more detail, so watch that instead of Netflix tonight :) Couple pictures as well of the program I did for the last 3 months. 12 weeks of running, starting at 1 minute all the way to 10KM. Lost over 30 lbs, and starting to feel much better. Exciting news ahead too as we have found a company to design the shirts. Ill let everyone know next week. Enjoy the video! -Sully