26. May 2018 - 8:00
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Run Sully Run! | Ottawa, Ontario | Saturday, 26. May 2018

Brent knows concussions and the lasting effect they can have on someone far too well.

While playing in the OHL for the Sarnia Sting, he suffered multiple concussions in every season, never finishing a season healthy. Retiring at 22 due to concussion issues and post concussion syndrome, he went on to suffer one more concussion in a car accident in 2015 that put him in a downward spiral.

After dealing with mental health issues, personality changes, and massive weight gain, Brent has decided to fight back. He has committed to run the 2018 Tamarack Ottawa Race weekend Half Marathon, and hopes to raise money for the Concussion Legacy Foundation as he battles back from post concussion syndrome.

Having started on June 1, Brent will be documenting his journey while training for the half marathon along side his two furry friends, 6 year old border collie Ella and 3 year old Golden Retriever Harvey.

Here he will post updates often on how the training is going, as well as how you can donate or support his cause.
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  • Woof, little chilly out there too! #runsullyrun
  • Shirts are in! For all those that ordered a shirt, you will be hearing from me very shortly if you haven’t already. Big thank you to my sponsors for this run Crossfit Bytown and Home Instead. For those that did not order a shirt and would like to, I will be placing another order in the new year!
  • Ouch! Great run after practice but boy that hurt. Runs are getting tougher with the weather dropping, but excited to see the progress of losing over 50lbs and overall feeling better. Shirts should be ready any day now!
  • First order of shirts sold out, currently being made! All those who reached out I appreciate it greatly. The long sleeve and sweaters are not made yet, but if interested can create another order just after Christmas. Thanks to the sponsors for helping me with these great products! Crossfit Bytown, Home Instead, and Unsung hero all played a large part in this!
  • Free tickets to symposium about concussion education this week in Ottawa 🤗
  • Well these look pretty cool! Just doing some finishing touches on colouring of the logos but will be ordering them any day now. If you could all comment the sizes below that you would like for the shirt and which colour I can order more specifically for you! Looking at probably $20 for the t-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Big thanks to the sponsors Home Instead Senior care and Crossfit Bytown for making this a fun journey so far.
  • Beautiful run with the pups tonight through the trails of Gatineau and down by the water overlooking our beautiful city. Starting to feel a bit better on the runs after about 3-4 weeks of feeling tired. Some good workouts at Crossfit Bytown and the daily grind of season starting has me looking forward to the freezing cold winter runs! Down about 45 lbs in 4 months, and not fitting into many of my clothes. Expensive hobby I decided to pick up! Appreciate all the support, shirts will be coming out shortly!
  • 😏 🏃 registration complete, its real now! #runsullyrun
  • Hi guys! Exciting day today as I had help from Cameron Penney to design the Run Sully Run shirts that will be being made by Unsung Hero. Just about to send this design in with the Concussion Legacy Foundation as well as my sponsors Crossfit Bytown and Home Instead Senior Care on the shirts. Wanted to see a number that would be interested in a shirt so I have an idea on the amount I should order. Not 100% sure of price yet, but all proceeds will go to the foundation. Who would be interested in a shirt?
  • Happy Friday folks! Dogs definitely hate me after this one. Enjoy the weekend!
  • Found this awesome video of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Excited to be doing this for Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada. Ill be registering today!
  • Hi team! So just wanted to post something here to go over how things have gone. Nice 4 minute video below goes into more detail, so watch that instead of Netflix tonight :) Couple pictures as well of the program I did for the last 3 months. 12 weeks of running, starting at 1 minute all the way to 10KM. Lost over 30 lbs, and starting to feel much better. Exciting news ahead too as we have found a company to design the shirts. Ill let everyone know next week. Enjoy the video! -Sully
  • Thanks Brent Sullivan for coming out yesterday and sharing your inspirational concussion story! ⛳😌
  • Almost time for me to start making t-shirts for the "run sully run" campaign to raise money for the Concussion Legacy Foundation. I want to use somebody local for making these t-shirts. Any suggestions??
  • Great way to end a long week. Nice running through downtown Ottawa on a beautiful night. Harvey and Ella kept up, but they need a rest weekend for sure. Enjoy the weekend everyone! #runsullyrun
  • Fun morning run to Parliament hill with the pups! Pic or it didn't happen, right? Trying to get dogs to focus on a single camera when there are thousands of tourists is impossible might I add.
  • Happy Holiday Monday! Nice morning run complete. Both dogs came with and we tackled the Gatineau parc for the first time. Safe to say this one will hurt #woof
  • New videoooooo ow owwwwww! Please like and share as best as you can to spread the word. Ignore the sweaty mess that I am. Thanks everyone!
  • Massive thank you to the team at Crossfit Bytown for helping me with this cause. Every workout is the hardest thing of life, but I love it and know it will help. Watch the video below to hear more!
  • Im sure most of you are following this just to get some pics of my dogs, so.....Give the people what they want! Nice shot of Harv-sauce post run this morning. Gorgeous morning for a run too. He definitely pulled me the entire time today, but fun birthday gift to the kid who turned 3 yesterday. Now he can snooze all day while I go to work.
  • So this is the first update on how my first month went for training. First off, thank you all for following this page and following the next 10 months that I will be putting myself through. The first month was tough, extremely humbling to say the least. All you former athletes out there will know what I mean when I say how hard it is when you can’t train like you used to. When you’re in your prime, you could be training 6 times/week sometimes twice per day. To go from that, to a “run/walk” type of training and absolutely DYING was very tough mentally to go through. However, felt great to be able to start moving again. I really tried to focus on what I ate (or didn’t eat) to help me feel better. Cut out alcohol for the month of June, didn’t have any coffee, and focused on trying to drink a ton of water everyday. I was peeing like crazy! It ended up being a good month, i went for 15 runs, and lost 15lbs in the process. About to go on a golf trip this weekend with my father, brother, and uncle. Much deserved break! Next week ill be posting an exciting partnership with a group who has agreed to help me along the way. Any kind of help is really appreciated! Keep sharing these posts and ill continue posting cute dog pictures…. -Sully