06. January 2018 - 13:00 till 14:30
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Puppy Yoga! Fundraiser for Ottawa Dog Rescue | Inner Soul Yoga & Cycle | Saturday, 06. January 2018

Join us for an afternoon of lovable fun and wellness as we raise funds for our friends at the Ottawa Dog Rescue.
New puppies, ready to take on the world will be walking around as you enjoy a beautiful class.
All proceeds going directly to the dog rescue.

$15 minimum donation

max 22 people
register at innersoul.ca
  • Okay, better than goats. BETTER THAN GOATS!! Alina Bee
  • Hi - was I put on the wait list? A friend and I want to go - I have missed two now Boo Hoo :(
  • If there is anyone unable to make it to either time slot, please let me know!! I only need a single ticket (but two would be great too!)
  • I tried to buy tickets for the yoga/puppy event, it redirected me to the main yoga site and stated there are no classes on January 6th. Help?
  • Dominique Givogue when they have another one, we have to gooooooooo
  • Please do another one!!!
  • Samantha Olivia
  • Jessie Grant
  • Will you be having another??? PLEASE!!
  • SOLD OUT... more to come promise
  • There is a class at 3pm Jan 6th now.... 5 spots left! We will do MANY more of these! i promise :)
  • Ashley Derouin
  • Please have more of these!!!! And please charge MORE! What a great idea :)
  • Whaaa, I'm too late, it's already full :( I'll keep a look out for a new puppy class for ODR!
  • WOW! What an amazing response! Class filled up so quickly! we are working on scheduling more classes right now... stay tuned! :)
  • Taryn White Robin Wakelin Addy Holban
  • So sad the class is full, will there be others? Or a wait list?
  • Natasha Emond!
  • I'm having trouble finding where to purchase the tickets/donations for this class. Any guidance would be helpful, thanks!
  • I so wanted to go but the class is filled. Will there be other puppy yoga classes scheduled?
  • Ah! Awesome!!! Exciting winter therapy :) I'm so there! Maybe we'll have a kitten one in the future?
  • Will there be additional events; this is already fully booked? You may want to consider including that on this page, now that there are no more tickets available.
  • Nooooo it's fully booked. I would have loved to do this
  • Will you be hosting additional "Puppy Yoga" events? Unfortunately, this one is fully booked.