29. April 2018 - 17:00

Ottawa, Welcome To Soirée / Bienvenue à Soirée | Terrace on the Canal | Sunday, 29. April 2018

Public on sale February 17 @ 11AM.
— Garden Dome reservation & Menu info
LINK: https://goo.gl/TMWBC9

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LINK: https://goo.gl/R782DE

Welcome to Soirée is an intimate outdoor dining experience, situated along the Rideau Canal. With Parliament Hill as your backdrop, share in something truly unique with your closest friends.

Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, while we serve an elegant 4 course meal paired with wine & champagne (alcohol sold on site, must provide valid ID) - all within our weather protective Garden Domes (fits 4-5ppl).

We are excited to premiere this late evening event in Ottawa next spring! Expect a lush garden themed decor, and more!

Terrace on the Canal / 191 Colonel By Drv.

Ottawa, Welcome to Soirée runs April 29th to May 28th. Our event offers 3 seatings daily to choose from: 5pm, 7pm & 9pm.

Garden Dome reservation is a shared cost of $110. You can invite an additional 3-4 guests to join you.

Menu link will be sent after reservation is complete for you and your guests to pre-purchase dinner. Dinner sold separately ($88.35 each).

Visit us online for more info.

Hosted by Dinner4Four Co. designs, markets & manages unique culinary events in MB, ON & QC. | Instagram @dinner4fourco
  • As you mentally and culinarily prepare for this Spring 2018 premiere of Ottawa, Welcome to Soirée - put some quick thought into what your wardrobe will be. 💛 White contrasts well with our Garden theme. 💐🌸🌺🍃
  • Hi there - I and a few other people I know received refund emails because our Dome reservations had been cancelled. Spoke to EZ-Tix who advised that the dinners needed to be purchased by February 1st. NOWHERE in the confirmation email for the dome reservation is that made clear or that date indicated. NOR was any further email sent prior to the deadline as a reminder. Are you able to remedy this?
  • So did I read that well ? It’s 110$ for the dome and then it’s 88$ for the 4 people ? Or it’s 88$ each ?
  • Did I read that correctly? $110 for a 2 hour reservation (for the plastic dome?) for up to 4 people, plus dinner, drinks, desserts?
  • Brandi Victoria uhmmmmm for our birthdays ????🙌
  • I didn’t see an option to buy the wine pairing when we bought our dinner tickets. Was it there or do we need to purchase later?
  • This week’s winner is brought to you by our Venue Stylist, Ryan Wibawa. TWO more week’s remaining to win - followed by public on sale Feb 17 @ 11am.
  • where do we find a discount code for the dome? it says $55 with discount code... also, if reservations/tickets go on sale February 16th why are all the weekends sold out already on the website?
  • Situated along the Rideau Canal w/ Parliament Hill as the backdrop. #Ottawa #WelcomeToSoirée, Spring 2018
  • Isabelle Turpin Yanick Pilon on devrais y aller!!!
  • Huge congrats to this week’s winner! Be sure to follow our contest on Instagram AND Facebook for your chance to win. A draw every Friday until Feb 16. Public on sale Feb 17 @ 11am. #Art #Garden #Dinner #Popup #Ottawa #WelcomeToSoirée, Spring 2018.
  • Veronique Duhamel Evelia Manac'h Isabelle Faustin #dinner4four #winfreetix 😊🤞
  • Friday, January 19! Dinner For 4 x Ottawa, Welcome to Soirée winner. 🍽 See you in Spring! 🌺🌸💫
  • 60% SOLD OUT. PRESALE is now closed. Public Sale on Feb 17 @ 11AM. See you in Spring.
  • PRESALE ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! Please note that any non-completed reservation (Step 1: Dome Reservation, Step 2: Dinner Purchase) will be made available for Public Sale come Feb 17 @ 11am. As it stands this event is 60% sold out, and the majority of the available spots in February will be Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays, 5pm or 9pm seatings. We will NOT be accepting any Dome Reservations between now and Feb 17, but Dinner Reservations will remain open for those yet to complete it until Feb 1st. Thank you Ottawa, Welcome to Soirée & see you in Spring! Event Managed by Hosted by Dinner4Four Co.
  • What is included in the seafood plate and what is the meat plate? Fish or shellfish? Red meat or white?
  • Wow! A GREAT way to dine in the ❤️ of Ottawa!
  • Sounds like an amazing experience to share with your besties
  • Any Ottawa FURNITURE or accent outlet or brand, feel free to email marcel@dinner4four.ca - we may be able to showcase your work.
  • WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Shelley Taubman. Our Jan 12th winner! Keep playing guys, we are picking new winners every Friday until Feb 16! Email manager@dinner4four.ca Shelley, lets get you set up! Want to win? Follow this link: https://goo.gl/R782DE
  • There is something so whimsical and magical about the way Hollie Grace James puts words together! It's like having a conversation with your excited best friend! Thank you for this exciting write up! Please note: PRESALE ends Jan 14, any non completed reservations will be refunded and made available for the public sale Feb 17 @ 11am. Thank you everyone who made this pre-sale an unprecedented success!
  • It says under event description that it is a 4 course meal "paired with" wine and champagne...But I see a lot of people saying it does not include wine pairing. Can anyone clarify?
  • Véronic Cardarelli idée souper couple?!
  • Monique?