01. February 2018 - 19:30
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Othello | The Gladstone Theatre | Thursday, 01. February 2018

Othello is Shakespeare’s tragic tale of race, love, jealousy, and betrayal. Othello is a moorish general in a mostly white army and has just married a beautiful white woman. But if Iago, one of his soldiers, has his way, Othello will lose everything. Set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, Theatre Kraken’s production of Othello is scored with traditional spiritual and slave songs, and reminds us that we have not come as far from the race issues of Shakespeare’s time as we would like to think we have.

Directed by Don Fex
  • Only three more chances to catch the show audiences are calling visceral, devastating, and brilliantly acted and directed! Get your tickets now at www.thegladstone.ca/othello!
  • http://capitalcriticscircle.com/theatre-kraken-delivers-blazing-moments-othello/#more-13678
  • Othello returns to the stage tonight. Only 6 more chances to see the show critics are calling "a Triumph to story telling" Get your tickets at www.thegladstone.ca
  • "Theatre Kraken’s play is a triumph of how great storytelling works. Believe in the words and express them with truth." Thanks so much for the stellar review, Capital Critics Circle!
  • Some fantastic shots from the always talented Maria Vartanova! Get your tickets now to catch all the amazing moments! www.thegladstone.ca/othello
  • AMAZING performance! Your presentation of "Othello - A Civil War Tale".was a captivating performance with a bit of a twist! The depth and breadth of talent showcased by the actors was comparable to any I have seen at the NAC! Thank you all for sharing your thespian talents with us! :)
  • Got tickets for tonight. :) Very much, looking forward to the show! Wishing everyone a broken leg. ;)
  • Check out our director (Don Fex) and our Othello (Chris Lucas) on CBC's All in a Day!
  • Out of town mais un gros ***** à tous!!
  • Break all the legs, Othello c&c!! See you tonight!! :-)
  • Happy Opening y'all! I look forward to seeing you next week!
  • Tonight is preview night! That means it's your last chance to score some reduced-price preview tickets. But we do have a few left, so come on out to be among the first to see this fantastic show!
  • A little preview to whet your appetite. Don't forget; we open on Thursday! Do you have your tickets yet?
  • On the fence about coming because you didn't know who was going to be in it? This list should convince you.