25. September 2017 - 7:30
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Movement in Meditation/Mouvement et méditation | National Arts Centre/Centre national des Arts | Monday, 25. September 2017

Join NAC Dance Education and Teaching Artist, Siôned Watkins for Movement in Meditation.

Start your week with a class that will leave you feeling calm and refreshed. Combining simple movements with breath, visualization and meditation, this class is for anyone and everyone.

Siôned Watkins is a professional dancer, choreographer and the Education Associate and Teaching Artist for NAC Dance. Bringing over 25 years of professional dance experience to her teachings, Siôned is also a licensed and certified Instructor and Pre-Trainer in GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® movement methodology.

As well as teaching for the NAC, Siôned currently teaches at the University of Ottawa and Propeller Dance Company and is the Associate Producer of the Canada Dance Festival.

no special clothing required
Joignez-vous à Siôned Watkins, associée en éducation et artiste-enseignante de Danse CNA, pour l’atelier Mouvement et méditation.

Commencez la semaine par une activité qui vous laissera calmes et revigorés. Combinant des mouvements simples à des exercices de respiration, de visualisation et de méditation, cet atelier s’adresse à tout un chacun.

La danseuse professionnelle et chorégraphe Siôned Watkins apporte plus de 25 années d’expérience professionnelle en danse à son enseignement. Elle est en outre préformatrice et instructrice certifiée et autorisée des méthodes GYROKINESISMD et GYROTONICMD.

Siôned enseigne aussi à l’Université d’Ottawa et à la Propeller Dance Company, en plus d’être productrice associée du Festival Danse Canada.

La tenue d’entraînement n’est pas requise.
  • Thank you again for another fantastic Monday morning class!
  • Fantastic way to start the week!!!! The most casual, easy to follow and enjoyable class I have been in for years. Thank you!!!!! Plus, very well attended for a 7:30 start time. I will be there EVERY MONDAY!
  • Love this idea but it's so early! Any chance of a noon hour thing?
  • Unfortunately, that is too early me to book Para 😟otherwise I would