09. January 2018 - 18:30 till 20:30
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Magic, Power & Potency - A Soul Expression Group Session | Otherworld Treasures - Alternative Health & Wellness Boutique | Tuesday, 09. January 2018

In this Soul Expression group session - MAGIC, POWER & POTENCY - we are going to identify, clear and release your blocks to being and using magic and manipulation to create and actualize the life that YOU desire. We're going to give you permission to allow yourself to access and use your own powers, gifts and potency.
Does it feel wrong, weird or unsafe to do things the "easy" way? To use your magic and energy to your advantage? To go against the grain and do things your way, following your own wisdom and guidance?
Whether you already identify as a mystical figure, a magical creature, a powerful sorceress or a manifestation wizard, dabble in the unknown, the different, or are just learning to trust your intuition - if you are called to a more magical existence within, to transcending human reality and want to integrate more magic into your daily life - join us!
Because in this human reality, it takes Magic, Power and Potency to live a truly authentic life.

Join Diane Lanthier of for an evening of Soul Expression - a powerful combination of intuitive guidance, channelling, and energy healing tools like EFT and Access Consciousness. Tap into and release your blocks and limitations created in this and other lifetimes! If it isn't love, it can be released, so we can work on releasing anger, sadness, grief, fear, phobias, anxiety, PTSD, etc.
Drop in - no pre-registration necessary!! $40.00/person CASH at the door (HST included). Open to everyone. Free parking available.